Advice on type of memory with laptop

  wescliff 16:47 18 Sep 2018

Looking for new laptop Gratefull for advice as to which would be better 8gb dram or 4gb dram and 16gb Intel optane. Will be running photoshop and similar. Thank you.

  wee eddie 17:13 18 Sep 2018

When buying Laptops, they tend to come as a package with the rest of the design.

Usually SODIM in format.

Look for something that caters for your needs and accept what has been installed

  Secret-Squirrel 17:58 18 Sep 2018

...........which would be better 8gb dram or 4gb dram and 16gb Intel optane.

If they both have old-fashioned mechanical drives then there's probably not a lot in it.

4GB isn't really enough RAM nowadays but the Optane memory will of course help speed things up. Ideally, 8GB of RAM with the Optane Memory will be best. Is there any chance of you upgrading that 4GB model with more RAM? Unfortunately that's not always possible with new laptops.

Or, if you're not interested in the new 'n' shiny Intel Optane thingy then get a laptop with 8GB of RAM and an SSD drive.

  wescliff 18:07 18 Sep 2018

Thank you, will go for 8gb and forget the Optane

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