Advice on surge protectors?

  [DELETED] 01:35 13 Aug 2003

It's the time of year for the odd thunder storm and i have no surge protector. My pc is under a year old and a strike would be bad.

Do you recommend i have one?
how much should i spend on one?
I have a modem but hopefully am looking to upgrade to BB or similar.

Any advice would be very aprreciated.

Square eyes
p.s. Surprised that pc's dont have there own internal protection device,

  [DELETED] 01:46 13 Aug 2003

Yep! highly recommend, you can get a surge or spike in both the power-line or the phone line, even without a storm. Go for a good quality one that includes modem protection as well.

Between £20.00 and £30.00 should get you a protector that comes with insurance, covering you for damage. Belkin is one of several good names to look for. j.

  [DELETED] 01:49 13 Aug 2003

Have a lok at Maplins click here

  [DELETED] 01:56 13 Aug 2003

Yep! pretty much the same as the one I have! same price as well. j.

  [DELETED] 04:54 13 Aug 2003

Yes, i have seen similar in pc world up to £40 that garuntees u for something like 100.000 as long as they are in bussiness ( which worries me a little), but i'll go 4 that.
many thanks

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