Advice on SpyBot findings please.

  cymbo 00:29 05 Aug 2005

Could anyone please offer advice on the following findings from Spybot.

Windows Security Center 2 entries

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\UpdatesDisableNotify!=dword:0

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\AntivirusOverride!=dword:0

I have just completed scans with AVG, Microsoft AntiSpy, a squared, AdAware and finally SpyBot. Nothing untoward with the others.

Recent History.

Last week I decided to try AVG free edition for a month as my NIS was coming up for renewal. I had no problems with NIS and do know how to properly remove it from my computer. AVG appears to be working OK.

I then enabled the Windows firewall and my routers security setting is on "high"

At the same time as installing AVG I also installed crap cleaner. I have used this program before and had problems but I believe it's been much improved now. I used the "issue facility" to clean the registry and saved the backup.

I did not fix the entries found by SpyBot. Will it fix them or just simply remove them? Also I would like to find out what's caused the problem.

  Completealias 00:52 05 Aug 2005

I got the same messages and just ignored them, spybot is telling you that the security centre in windows is set to not notified you to tell you about the status of your firewall and antivirus.

This is fine as long as you are sure that they are both active and upto date I would recommend installing a dedicated software firewall such as zonealarm

  cymbo 01:13 05 Aug 2005

Thanks for that. I realised after my post and giving it some thought that they were probably legitimate messages and I had been too hasty. It's good to know someone else got the same results and maybe others will.

  Completealias 01:26 05 Aug 2005

No problems they threw out at first as well

  cymbo 01:26 05 Aug 2005

I meant to finish off by saying(in response to your zone alarm suggestion) that I am using the Windows firewall as a stopgap measure until I decide whether or not to renew my Norton subscription. I must admit that I do like Norton and I have got to know the ins and outs of it over the last few years.



  Completealias 01:31 05 Aug 2005

Personally I use the freebies myself had norton miss a trojan on me although I did find there firewall good.

I use avast as my av click here I find it has a few more features than AVG and i use zonealarm. Along with the antispyware apps this has kept my pc clean.

  cymbo 01:43 05 Aug 2005

Thanks. I might have a rethink on the whole security subject. The point I was making about NIS was that I am comfortable with it, understand it due to prolonged use and also I do trust it. Probably all the AV programs miss something at one time or another.

Anyway thanks for your time and I will wish you goodnight. My bed is calling.

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