Advice on Spybot.

  Meshuga 18:24 09 Jul 2003

I have installed spybot and on running a scan it
came up with the following. One item shown as,
! CDilla, Global settings. HKey_Local_ Machine Software\C-Dilla. The second item reads, CDilla
Program Directory.C:\C_DILLA
In both cases the exclamation mark and the word
CDilla are in Red. It goes on to say thatthese may be needed to run other Progs and removing them may stop them working. Should I remove them or not please. I also noticed while watching
the scanned items that some Diallers were mentioned. Should these be removed as I`ve
understood that these can cause trouble. Any advice on the use of Spybot would be helpfull.
I am using WIN ME. Many thanks, Meshuga.

  Gaz 25 18:27 09 Jul 2003

Remove C-DILLA,

It is only a warning if you try to remove something like Brilliant digital when using Kazza, it could stop kazza from working.

But Kazza is a waste of time anyway.

Remove it, if you have any problems reinstall the backup that Spybot will make.

But I can assure you you do not want it. 18:33 09 Jul 2003

Here are some FAQ on Spybot click here

Might be worth a look.

  Gaz 25 18:34 09 Jul 2003
  VoG II 18:45 09 Jul 2003

You can always use Spybot's Recovery in the - highly unlikely - event that things go wrong.

  Meshuga 18:52 09 Jul 2003

Many thanks to Gaz25 and for your response. Will let this run for a while to see if anyone answers the "Dialler" question.

  Jester2K II 18:53 09 Jul 2003

Diallers can all be deleted as they are either premium rate or porn dialers.

  Meshuga 18:54 09 Jul 2003

Thanks also to VoG.

  Meshuga 19:01 09 Jul 2003

Many thanks Jester2K11. Will now close this as I think it`s all covered. Thanks for such prompt responses. Meshuga.

  Qmar 19:04 09 Jul 2003

..have you got 'preventon' firewall cd... it installs cdilla from the cd that you have to leave in the drive each time you boot.?

  Meshuga 19:27 09 Jul 2003

Thanks Qmar but I am puzzled by your message as
I dont have to leave my Preventon disk in the drive when booting, in fact it`s not been in the
drive since installing it. Preventon firewall
runs ok. Maybe you don`t need to with Win ME.
Thanks anyway. Meshuga.

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