Advice on spam?

  montyburns 12:16 17 Apr 2006

I'm suddenly being inundated with spam emails.

I'm using Outlook Express and the mails are "returned mail", "Mail delivery failed" etc, with my email address with the bit before the @ altered to gobbledygook. (Examples "[email protected]", "[email protected]", "[email protected]" etc) Most seem to be coming from abroad (Italy, Spain, France) Most, but not all, have attachments, which I'm obviously not opening

If I look in "Properties" they all seem to have a "Received from" of, where the 3003 bit varies

Tried blocking the sender each time, but it's not stopping them being downloaded. Tried setting up a rule to block "" but that's not working either.

Any ideas/advice on what to try next would be appreciated!!

  johnnyrocker 12:26 17 Apr 2006

i suspect someone with your e mail address in their system has caught a virus which is randomly mailing out as you and others, not much you can do about it, it will stop eventually.


  montyburns 12:29 17 Apr 2006

Hmm. Never thought of that!

Let's hope it does!

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