Advice sought re AOL Broadband

  James-299039 19:18 11 Dec 2005

I am thinking of installing AOL Silver BB and have just been perusing PC Advisor threads on this subject which quite frankly concern me somewhat, as some people have clearly been having problems and have had little help from AOL.

I have had AOL dial-up (now on version 9) for five years and it has worked well most of the time. However, in recent months I have had intermittent connection problems and have been given various advice (often conflicting) by the AOL helpline. I now have to pay for the privilege of their 'help' but the quality is poor and the English used by the 'helpers' invariably difficult to understand.

I am not a gamer or someone who downloads music or video files. I merely want a connection to surf the Net so I am thinking of AOL Silver.

I am not very technically minded and would appreciate some advice by those with experience of AOL BB, particularly.

Is it difficult to install for someone like me?

My dial-up connection is plugged into an extension 'phone socket with a professionally-wired permanent connection between it and the main 'phone socket downstairs, no more than five metres away 'as the crow flies' or could fly if there were not wooden floor joists etc in the way. Would AOL BB work in the extension socket?

Some of the other posts suggest you have to be on AOL Gold to get any co-operation from AOL if things go wrong. Is this correct?

I will probably get a new computer if I do go Broadband. At least this will prevent the old AOL dial-up interfering. I want a new computer anyway.

  phil46 19:41 11 Dec 2005

If your going to use an AOL ADSL modem there is no problem in setting it up on silver or gold as long as you use the modem they send.
If on the other hand you require a router for a second computer that is a different matter and you will get no support on silver,the router i use is a SpeedTouch 546 via ethernet cable i couldn't be bothered with wireless set up but thats me.

  driving man 20:18 11 Dec 2005

AOL Broadband and "wireless routers"This previous posting may help

  hzhzhz 20:31 11 Dec 2005

After 12 months with aol BB I will say that the live online help is not really much use. The phone help was a little better but I think that now it is not free. I used a dlink wireless router and as long as you ask aol for the settings to go with it all should be well. Setting up the supplied voyager 105 modem is straightforward.If you encounter any problems then there are many learned members on these forums who will offer their help Im sure.

  AG42 20:40 11 Dec 2005

I am not an AOL user but have helped people who are. Setting up broadband using the equipment and software supplied is straight forward, and AOL9 is able to set up the broadband connection alongside the dial up connection.

When using a router, it is recommended that you set up a separate screen name for the router as this allows all your AOL users to access AOL at the same time. The password for router access cannot be more than 8 characters in length, and may contain only lower case letters and numbers.

The help desk is really of little use, despite the fact that AOL now charge for its use.

  James-299039 22:22 11 Dec 2005

Many thanks for taking the trouble to respond. I am very grateful.

My intention is to us the supplied AOL ADSL modem. I do not intend to connect other computers and no-one else will have access to my PC.

From what has been said so far that appears (in theory at any rate) to be the least trouble-free way of doing things.

  James-299039 22:23 11 Dec 2005

I meant most trouble-free in my last post. Sorry.

  pharte 22:39 11 Dec 2005

don't forget that when you order the broadband they will firstly check your connection and enable the broadband then send you the equipment including filters. all the info you need is online and there is a simple step by step guide to get you going. it's very easy really and the difference is amazing.

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