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Advice sought please... new build not starting...

  Simsy 17:04 30 Aug 2010


There I was with my new build "finished" and I turn it on... a bit of whirring... then... well not much!!

It's not completing the post. It takes about 5-7 seconds then the warning bleeps, which are a bit indeterminate, (because it's all a bit of a rapid screech), but I think it's 1 long then 2 short bleeps.

The mobo manual, (Gigabyte GA H55 UD3H), suggests that 1 long 2 short is a "monitor or graphics card error"

Well I'm using a monitor that I know to be working, and I've checked the lead, and even swapped it, all to no avail...

Now I'm using, (or intending to anyway), the onboard graphics, via D-Sub connector, as I've no need for anything more powerful...

I check the graphics details in the mobo manual again, in case I've missed a jumper setting or something, and find a note that says, "To use the onboard D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI ports you must install an Intel CPU with integrated graphics"

Now I THOUGHT I'd done that; it's an Intel Core i5 750, which I'm sure I'd read handles it's own graphics processing... (it's one of the reasons I bought it!)

However, I note that on the processor box, in the "features" listing on the side, it says, amongst other things, "Graphics Card required"

Is my problem as simple as that; I need to buy a graphics card? Is my understanding that the i5 processors can handle their own graphics wrong? (I can't remember where I got that from!)

Thanks in anticipation... If you can say with confidence that all I ned is a graphics card it will cost me money... but put my mind at rest!



  Simsy 17:17 30 Aug 2010

I think I may have found my answer, about half way down;

click here

Seems like all the other i5 processors I'd have been OK with!

I'd still be happy to have reassurance from the experienced builders on here!



  Simsy 17:27 30 Aug 2010

Assuming that my problem is the absence of a graphics card, do I have to match the card in any way with the rest of the kit?

For example, I could afford this, click here but it has DDR2 memory and the system has DDR3. Is this an issue?

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 20:50 31 Aug 2010

I got the graphics card, and it's now booted. So far only into a live UBUNTU... I'll install Windows tomorrow!

No doubt I'll be back!



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