Advice sought on personal security

  Dumfy 22:57 11 May 2004

Hi All,

I'm after some advice/suggestions/recommendations, please.

I have a Maxtor One-Touch external hard drive for back-up of all my files and folders and personal details such as passwords etc. I use it along with my laptop and home PC.

As I try and help out a lot of people with PC issues, I tend to take the Maxtor drive with me to their houses as all my stuff Spybot/AVG Anti Virus/Zone Alarm etcis all on it and saves the download when working on their systems (its amazing how many people are on broadband and don't have any protection against attack).

My question is this.....I'm looking for some recommended software for protecting/encrypting/masking my personal details on the Maxtor drive when connected to PCs other than my own. Even making folders hidden on the Maxtor only works on a home PC if that folder option is selected, but if another person's PC is set up to view all folders, they could access my personal data should I not be around for some reason.

What I'm looking for is some software that will secure files /folders on the Maxtor, irrespective of what PC/laptop it's plugged in to and what that PC's settings are. Ultimately, of course, everthing can be got at by someone who's determined enough, but it just make things that bit more difficult for someone unscrupulous...or maybe I'm just being paranoid!

Best Regards


  byfordr 23:01 11 May 2004

Excellent drives, must admit mine does a lot of miles!

Perhaps get yourself a small thumb drive for the stuff like passwords/sensitive data. There are some with built in security.

What about some form of zip program with password. Will make it slightly more annoying to access data but ultimately with save a bit on disk space as well.


  Dumfy 08:51 12 May 2004

..good idea on the thumb drive. I would like to try and keep everything in the one place though if possible.

Is there some solution out that could help me achieve this?



  Pesala 08:58 12 May 2004

Steganos Safe.

This program makes an encrypted container file and assigns a drive letter to it. You have to enter a password to show the drive and access the files. Once the drive is opened with the password you can access it as usual. You can set it to ask for the password on bootup, or only when you want to access the drive.

The drive is not shown if it is closed, even if show hidden files is enabled.

  Demora 10:06 12 May 2004

You could try this.

I had it running on an old laptop. (older version of the program)

click here

It worked well


  Dumfy 13:14 12 May 2004

I did have the disc, but it's missing now unfortunately.

If I was to use either of the options mentioned, would they still keep personal folders hidden even with the Maxtor connected to other laptops and/or PCs that don't have Steganos etc on them?

What I'm looking for is some way of securing the Maxtor, irrespective of what it's connected to.

Thanks for the help again


  vinnyo123 13:24 12 May 2004
  rawprawn 13:51 12 May 2004

Hide Folders XP, I use this on my own computer and I think it may be what you are looking for click here

  Pesala 17:07 12 May 2004

click here

I need my May cover disk for both Staganos and NetObjects Fusion MX. Maybe someone else will send you their's or you could buy a back issue. The virtual drive created by the program can only be accessed after entering a password. You keep any tools you need on the regular drive and any sensitive data on the encrypted drive. It is like the host drive used by disk compression tools.

  Jnr 19:17 12 May 2004

If you use the 'Steganos Portable Safe' function, it will encrypt all the files/folders you put into it & incoroprate the decrypt engine with the files so that they can be opened on any machine (can also be used on cd-roms). Works just the same as a self-extracting zip file & would be perfect for what you want. I've just had a look on the cover-disc & the file is 9.27MB so maybe someone with broadband could email it to you (I'm on dial-up so it would take forever).

You can click this [url=click here]link[/url] to download a trial of the latest version.

  Pesala 20:17 12 May 2004

but one should buy the magazine to get the free software. I think one could post the cover disk if not using the software oneself, but it would not be permitted to email the installation program. Perhaps the FE will comment on their policy. Back Issues are only £6 which is a good bit less than $24 if one wants the software. Perhaps one can order just the CD ??

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