Advice sought on PC BodyGuard/PC PowerScan

  bloodnock 12:41 12 Dec 2003

HI...ive been thinking of purchasing a product called PC Bodyguard from a company called PC allegedly rids you of the following: Invalid fonts, corrupted libraries, orphaned system files etc. this in turn leaves your pc running sweet as you like, but before i part with my hard earned dosh to the tune of $67.00 (about 30 quid) for a years subscription and use of the product plus the unlock key i thought id ask you fine knowledgeable people if any of youve ever heard of it or have an opinion to whether its worth it or not.........your awaiting advice....john.... thanks all.

  leo49 12:55 12 Dec 2003

There's no magic silver bullet software to keep your PC fettled - it's really a matter of gaining a little knowledge and the judicious use of some excellent freeware programs for routine cleaning.Peace of mind can be had by regular backups of important[to you] data and an Imaging programme for speedy restoration.

  Belatucadrus 13:01 12 Dec 2003

Look at this first, it's free click here

  bloodnock 13:01 12 Dec 2003

his is a link to the advert click here .it may explain better than i can what it does or what it doesnt do.....and thanks Leo for the advice on backing up data.i usually do but like lot of others i get a wee bit tardy and sometimes dont..however i realise nothings gonna be the magical silver bullet but i would like a wee bit more peace of mind......but being the canny scot that i am i hate parting with tho......

  leo49 13:31 12 Dec 2003

There really are plenty of "cleanup" progs to be had free so I would keep the sporran locked down tight.Imaging progs like Drive Image,though,are really worth buying for peace of mind.

  Jester2K II 13:37 12 Dec 2003

1) If the PC is OK - leave it.

2) If the PC has a problem - ask here. Advise is free, as is usually the solution.

3) Some of these programs can produce more errors than they "solve".

4) Save the cash for more worthwhile software. Drive Image has been mentioned but i would say add a fiver and buy GoBack instead.

  Gaz 25 01:55 14 Dec 2003

I like Norton Systemworks for that matter!

  Gaz 25 01:56 14 Dec 2003

Norton Systemworks has solved may problems such as corrupt files, etc on my PC. Revived the old PCs too.

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