Advice sought on FTP Software

  Chillie 11:44 10 Jul 2008

I run a small site for my Parish, and until now have been using Smartftp (free).

As you may know Smartftp has withdrawn its free software, and I am being encouraged to purchase 36.95 US (£20).

All ftp software seem, in my view, to offer the same facilities, with obviously some exceptions! Did try WS_ftp, some time back, but opted for Smartftp.

Could someone offer some advice on (a) really free ftp software (b) how is Smartftp rated (c) how is it rated.

Many thanks

  Taran 12:21 10 Jul 2008

SmartFTP is OK - I found it problematic with permissions on some machines but by and large it does what is expected and does it quite well.

WS_FTP Pro has been my mainstay for more years than I care to remember now, and I wouldn't change it for the world. The only program I've found that appears to better it is Rhino FTP Voyager, but I know WS_FTP Pro inside out and so I'm sticking with it.

That said, you asked for free software so the above is all academic.

Take a sneaky peaky at FileZilla: click here

It's a free, Open Source application and does things pretty well. I've managed to make it fall over a few times, but only when I deliberately challenged it with unrealistic (enormous) file transfers

For general web use it's fine and, if you want to dabble with it or if you have slightly more exotic requirements, there is also a FileZilla FTP server application, which can make a potent and handy combination in conjunction with the FTP client.

Most web host control panels feature browser-based file management which can be used quite effectively. Some are a little cludgy, but they still work reasonably well.

Just my thoughts of course.

  Patr100 12:49 10 Jul 2008

yep Filezilla will do the job.

  Chillie 20:20 10 Jul 2008

to Taran and Patr100.

Have not yet decided, but it will be between WS_ftp and Smartftp.

Wee bit concerned about Fireftp/Filezilla. Seems they are both the same, Fireftp brings up in the bottom frame "@@!!*** b.....". Not happy about this.

Will tick this as resolved.

  Terry Brown 22:40 12 Jul 2008

It might be worth while going to a site like 'Heartinternet' click here buying a domain name (about £6 for 2 years), and select their free web space.
This will give you about 100 Email addresses, a lot of Tools and a (basic) option to upload files to a website.
Folow this link for more (better options to upload. click here=

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