Advice of setting up a Netgear on Orange Broadband

  Stressed Mum 19:25 03 Apr 2009

Planning a surprise for Mother this weekend and want to arrive with a wireless router.Netgear. She currently has a laptop which is hardwired to modem. Pointless being a laptop really - so thought I'd be clever and link her up to be wireless. Is it that straight forward? She is broadband with Orange.Can anyone give me any advise? I was rather hoping this would be an easy task but with everything I try and do it never is! Is it a matter of following the set up wizard, plugging the existing modem to go through the router? Her laptop is already wifi enabled. Runing XP (I think) could be Vista. I'll not know here original email address but can I use her current one?

  Pineman100 19:35 03 Apr 2009

You mention plugging the modem into the router - what model of Netgear router have you bought? Many of them are modem routers that have a broadband modem built in.

  laurie53 19:48 03 Apr 2009

Orange have their own wireless router, called the Livebox.

Never tried it myself, but comments here and on other forums indicate that Orange Wireless only works with the Livebox, and the Livebox only works with Orange.

Try searching here and other forums for "Livebox" and "Orange".

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:12 03 Apr 2009

Yes livebox only works with Orange but a netgear ADSL modem wireless router will work with Orange or any other ISP.

Plug the Netgear into the Phone socket and connect to the Lpatop with a LAN cable.
Open the netgear configuration page (see manual for address) and enter her Orange Username and password.
check you can connect to the internet by wire

Set up the wireless connection and make sure you use WPA security.

  UK Sub 20:18 03 Apr 2009

I have a Wireless Belkin Modem router (bought from Tescos)connected to Orange Broadband which works fine.

  iscanut 20:30 03 Apr 2009

Make sure you buy an ADSL modem router. Set us is easy and will be covered by the manual that comes with it. As Fruit Bat says, a Netgear model does work so have a look at those. Also you will note a Belkin works as well. Come back to us when you have the router if you want more help. Router set up will be easy, but you may need a bit of help in getting the wireless connectivity set up on her laptop. Good luck.

  Stressed Mum 20:34 03 Apr 2009

Wonderful! I have netgear 54mbps wireless ADSL firewall router DG834G - so I think I'll be ok with that... It's the one we actually use here at home too - so I know may way around the settings a 'little' bit. Does the 'wire' needed come with the kit - or will I have to purchase another one - or perhaps Mum already has one.. dunno?

  Stressed Mum 20:35 03 Apr 2009

Super! thanks for all your help. My daughter has laptop which she uses wirelessly here - which I set up :) so she'll bring hers too and we can spend the evening fidling - you may see me on line tomorrow evening! thanks for your advice. SM :)

  iscanut 10:37 04 Apr 2009

I use that router and it works well on desktop and with my wireless laptop !

  Pineman100 18:35 04 Apr 2009

When you say "the wire", I presume you mean the ethernet cable that you use just once to set up your router.

Every Netgear router that I've bought has come with one in the box.

  iscanut 19:43 04 Apr 2009

I agree with Pineman 100, you will get an ethernet cable with the router.

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