Advice on sending back to mesh

  ray27 09:17 23 Jul 2003

I have had a lot of advice from people on this site and am asking once again for more advice
After a lot of discussion with mesh about on site cover I have no option but to return the computer to them for them to investigate the various award bios beep tone I am getting on boot up.
As I have told them I am not aware of any problems with the system everything seems to work ok, I have used it every day for one thing or another.

My dilemma is this do I send it back and risk what that entails also causing me a lot of bother by deleting a lot of personal stuff and being without it for who knows how long?
Or do I ignore the beep tones and carry on with it as it is, sticking to the old adage if it isn?t broke then don?t fix it.
Has anyone had any expierience with sending a pc back to mesh ?
I cannot find any info on the tone?s that I am getting, I have tried quite a few sites that have the info about what they signify but without any luck.

I only appear to have 2 types of beep warnings the most common one is da,dee and the other one is something like de da diddly da dee (I know it sounds stupid but that?s the only way I can describe it) and sometimes ,which is rare, I get the normal one tone .

Can anyone advise on what I should do? Send it back or carry on as normal and ignore the tones?
Many thanks Ray

  -pops- 09:31 23 Jul 2003

My first instinct would be to send it back, as per my comments on your other thread(s).

BUT, taking into consideration all the hassle, non-cooperation and obstructiveness you seem to be getting from the supplier coupled with the fact that it appears to be working OK, despite the strange beeps, I am tempted now to suggest hanging on to it. ONLY if it is working completely satisfactorily, though.

I would strongly recommend that you keep records of all contacts with your supplier and all the correspondence on here just in case you have to make some contact with them in the future.


  ray27 16:31 24 Jul 2003

I will do as you sugest thanks brian

  john-232317 17:10 24 Jul 2003

Why not leave it on all the time in bub byes mode, then you will only hear it once more....

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