Advice on security for a new computer?

  Estel 14:33 05 Nov 2004

I am about to buy a new computer and I am looking for people's experience of various security and utility packages.

Up to now I have used Norton AV software. I have found it very efficient, but an attempted upgrade led me into huge problems when the new version conflicted with the old. Getting any useful help out of Symantec was like getting blood out of a stone and I am reluctant to use their products again if a good alternative exists.

First of all, do I need Norton Utilities or an eqivalent with XP? If so, is there a good non-Symantec package?

Most posts here say Zone Alarm is the best fiirewall and I have found it good myself. A recent PCA review suggested the ZA security package including an AV application was good. Do people agree? What about other AV?

Does the XP pop up stopper work or is "Pop Up Stopper" still worth having? What about Spy and Ad ware stoppers? Adaware? Spybot? Both? Others?

What about spam filters? I don't use POP3 e-mail - only Yahoo. Will their filters be enough? (They seem pretty good) Do outside spam filters work on webmail anyway?

Lots of questions. Thanks for any replies.


  Strawballs 14:39 05 Nov 2004

Mcaffee is a very good av and not as intrusive as norton, the company that I work for uses it with well over 1000 pc's and the staff in IT say it is good.
The popup blocker in sp2 works well.
As for spam filters it is not a problem that I have suffered with and don't know much about them.

  AndySD 14:51 05 Nov 2004

I have been using click here Trends Internet security for a while now and find it no problem at all.

Norton Utilities.... well you will get o lot of opinions about this software package, but if you personally like it then use it.

  Cook2 15:36 05 Nov 2004

click here and click here

Two really good FREE programmes.

  Cook2 15:37 05 Nov 2004

click here and click here

Two really good FREE programmes.

  rawprawn 15:46 05 Nov 2004

Like Cook2 I prefer Avast to AVG, once installed it is no problem and keeps itself up to date.

  pc_buddy 16:06 05 Nov 2004

first thing to do when you get a new pc is to get norton system works with firewall, anti virus
and a few other handy utilities.
install before going online.
once online run windows update and norton live upsate to get your securities and virus definitions up to date. consider SP2 as i find that i don't get as many trojan warnings from norton since i installed it on my main pc. make a restore point first just in case. you may need to disable windows scripting to avoid phishing attacks. you can download a small program from nortons web site that will allow you to disable the scripting with ease.
hope this helps.

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