Advice on this Samsung NP-NC110-A04UK please.

  eysha 21:33 10 Dec 2011

Hi, my daughter is interested in this netbook as a Christmas present but before investing i wonder what the members here think of it. Is it a good choice? Can the memory be upgraded ok? How many memory slots does it have? what is its memory capacity? Is it easy to add memory? Can the hard drive be split into two ok for safety? And, anything else you can think of. It's £250.00. Thanks E.

  robin_x 21:45 10 Dec 2011

Just been on another thread with someone else doing same as you. They found HP with very good specs £299-15%=£254.

Have a look at the discussion.

But Your Samsung is upgradeable (prob just 2GB) Free Partition software is readily available if needed should you buy it.

  eysha 21:51 10 Dec 2011

Thanks, will go look. E.

  rdave13 21:55 10 Dec 2011

For a netbook it's OK. This one?

You can partition the harddrive, though, I don't know if 7 starter will allow to do this. Free programs available so please wait for recommended ones. Should be easy enough to upgrade the ram.

Personally I'd spend a few more bob on a laptop as a 10" screen is not to my liking.

  rdave13 22:03 10 Dec 2011

For a few squids more have a look at this, Lenovo PC World.

  Zurdo 10:56 11 Dec 2011

I have the Samsung NC10 and it's excellent for what it a netbook. Rdave's suggestion (the Lenovo) makes more sense for your daughter......with the netbook she won't be able to change the desktop pics. etc. and there's no disc drive.

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