Advice required for imminent broadband connection

  curly 13:34 29 Aug 2003

My local exchange will be upgraded to allow Broadband connections in the near future. Presently, we have two computers connected in parallel to the net with AOL 56kps dial up facility. This arrangement is so that either of us may go onto the net independently, and it works fine, and I only pay the one bill.
Will I be able to continue with the same type of set up when I upgrade to Broadband? I should be grateful for any advice on how to do this.

  Djohn 13:43 29 Aug 2003

click here This is the way to network with AOL. courtesy of, "Mango Grummit"

  curly 13:48 29 Aug 2003

Thank you for that but I am not networked. Both computers have a line to the telephone point.

  Mango Grummit 14:42 29 Aug 2003

Yes curly, you will just need to slip the USB connection into whichever machine you want to use.

  roy 16:24 29 Aug 2003

For the reasonable cost of two ethernet cards and a crossover cable (about £25-£30) you can set up a network and then both machines can access the internet at the same time. Also you will gain many other advantages from having share filing and printer filing instantly available. Back-ups may be made to the other machine for example.


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