Advice required about my internet speed

  geek84 18:57 27 Jul 2012

Hi Folks

I am with virgin media and today ran a broadband speed test. It indicated that my download speed is 4.75 mb/s and upload speed is 0.272 mb/s.

When I phone up custoner services at virgin media, I was told that I am paying for speeds of up to 10mb/s. I then contacted their technical dept who checked my speed and said I was getting 5 mb/s.

Do you think I am getting a fair deal? If not, up to how much should I ask that my internet speed be inreased to?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  wee eddie 20:10 27 Jul 2012

I'd love your Download Speed and I'm paying BT for 20Mbps. I get 3.1 at the best but an Upload speed of .7Mbps.

Unless you're on their Virgin's Cable or Fibre Optic, you will be relying on BT's Cables between you and the Telephone Exchange.

Now it gets complex!

This is the Route that I am starting to follow: Get an ex-BT bod to check your internals (If BT come and check the House and find the fault is on your equipment, the Fee is horrendous) Then, you can get them to check your line etc.

  ams4127 20:27 27 Jul 2012

BT shut me down about a month ago for "Exchange Maintenance" and said that I might notice a slight speed increase after the work had been carried out.

Slight?!! I've gone from 2MB to 16MB! It's brilliant.

  Nontek 20:33 27 Jul 2012


I had the same BT Exchange Maintenance recently, my Download speed jumped from 35Mbps to over 70Mbps - brilliant!

I am on BT Infinity.

  Nontek 20:35 27 Jul 2012


I would not say you have a particularly fair deal, but you are getting what you paid for ... Up to means just that!

  spuds 15:58 28 Jul 2012

According to Ofcom, ISP's should no longer advertise 'upto', but provide (in writing)a realistic speed that your line is capable of supplying to you.

With Virgin they should be able to provide the speed they say you should expect and possible get, if on their cable or fibre optic.

My line is capable of 6MB on an 'upto' 10MB line. I was once getting about 1MB, until I constantly complained, and now receive on average about 5MB.

  john bunyan 17:13 28 Jul 2012

I would see what your line speed is capable of. One way is to go to a new potential supplier (Say - Zen) put in your number and see what comes up. Then you will have more ammo to have a go at your current supplier. I am with Talk Talk (groan re service) but an getting 10mbps on a up to 8 contract - whereas a year or so ago it was at 5. I suspect it depends partly on the distance from the exchange but, just as important- how many others share your "pipe" (Analogy - the more baths you try to run from one pipe, the slower to fill) This latter point is where Virgin may help.

  Cymro. 11:09 30 Jul 2012

What about your home telephone wiring? I had a fault on my BT line the old fashioned copper kind that had been in place for over thirty years. Eventually it just failed and I lost my phone and broadband connection. Luckily for me the fault was with the BT equipment. They put up a new line to the telephone post and a new connection box on my windowsill. As it was obviously a BT fault it did not cost me anything. My Internet speed immediately doubled and I was well pleased. Obviously if the problem was with anything beyond the windowsill BT box then I would have had to pay for the repair.

  spuds 11:33 30 Jul 2012


I have mentioned on this forum many times about the problems that I was having with poor speeds etc. My ISP (TalkTalk/Tiscali) and BT OpenReach both got deeply involved with changing various things, after the router-modem profile set by TT was upgraded.

The thing that was very apparent, and was stated by BT engineer's, was the poor infrastructure that people do not see, which can account for many of the problems.

Virgin and Sky would be different, due to their service methods?.

  steve1time 22:33 07 Aug 2012

Hi Geek86 you definitely are not getting a fair deal, if indeed you are paying for a 10mb/s connection. You should be taking advantage of there free upgrade to 20mb/s. You can have a look at there web page for support at, I can personally recommend it as they were able to sort my connection problems out directly after posting a screen grab of the router's setting page, they then sent out a technician out to fix the problem.

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