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Advice on a replacement for SideKick 99 Contacts?

  Peter~24 22:44 15 Oct 2017

I've been using SideKick 95, and then 99, with Windows 95, 98SE and XP Pro for several years now, but I've upgraded to Windows 7 Pro and would like to export my data to another, more up to date, Contacts programme.

I can export my contacts as Tab Separated values, DBF and Comma Separated Values (CSV). CSV isn't ideal as the data contains commas. I've got over 600 contacts so automatic import would be best. Something that will work under Windows 7, and if possible link to my mobile phone, would be nice.

Any suggestions please,

Regards, Peter.

  Peter~24 16:51 16 Oct 2017

Any suggestions anyone please? Regards, Peter.

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