Advice regarding memory Stick - Lost Everything

  Never again 09:55 16 Mar 2006

I am in between pc's at the moment and am forced to share a number of machines.

I have been saving everything to my 1GB memory stick.

When I tried to access it this morning all of my folders were intact but with nothing in them. (only a few various files).

The stick was very near capacity previously, although I have not checked it the last day or 2 - now it only has 115mb used space.

It lives in my bag which travels in the car and sometimes lives in the boot.

Have I lost all of my work or is there something that can help me. Most of the files are MS Word or Excel.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:03 16 Mar 2006

Smart recovery click here
zero assumption click here

or R_Studio click here-

  Never again 10:24 16 Mar 2006

I have used the pc inspector (convac) before which is really useful for recovering image files, but it does not appear to recover MS Office documents?

I am downloading it now (I did have a copy on the stick with a number of other useful applications downloaded over the last few years on the PCA helproom)

Is there a specific freeware programme to cover that aspect?

  Never again 18:34 28 Mar 2006

Still no joy unfortunatley.

It only gave me the option to recover pocket word and excel and none were found on the scan.

Is this one of those "lessons learnt" scenarios regarding backups?

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