Advice regarding Dell PC running hot

  Hetti 10:46 13 Feb 2013

I have Dell Inspiron One (all in one PC) since I got this PC it has been back to Dell 3 times in about 18months, I have an extended warranty but wanted to ask some advice here before I ring them. I have Ashampoo HDD control software to monitor temp, when I first boot up the temp is 33c, within 20 mins it reads 37c within 40 min it reds 42c and within the hour it is 48c. Last night it was reading 53c PC had been on most of the day, Ashampoo HDD control was saying "Temp is critical cool PC immediately"

About a month ago I spoke to Dell telling them just what I say above in this post apart from the 53c temp, (it didn't get that hot at this time), and they said this is normal for this PC. My question is are these temperatures acceptable for a all in one PC? as I don't want to ring if they are going to tell me "This is normal for this PC again" PC runs OK but last night, when it was 53c it was more noisy than normal,it has never been very fast and I have been disappointed with proformance since day one.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:10 13 Feb 2013

There seem to be a few different models of the Dell Inspiron One can you be more specific, there should be a model number that way we can see what CPU you are running.

  Hetti 11:23 13 Feb 2013

Chronus the 2nd

My Dell model is Inspiron One 2320

  Chronos the 2nd 11:28 13 Feb 2013

Thanks Hetti.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:35 13 Feb 2013

Is this it? Dell. To be certain of your specs you could install SIW. Which I am sure I advised on another problem PC you had. The free/home edition is fine.

But if you do have the i5-2400 CPU then it does seem to be running a little high. It should idle at around 20-30C and at full load 50C-60C but this really depends on the cooler.

  Hetti 13:50 13 Feb 2013

Chronus the 2nd My PC is the i7 version, 2.80 gigahertz Intel Core i7-2600S

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:57 13 Feb 2013


Electrical/Thermal parameters

Maximum operating temperature ? 72.6°C

Thermal Design Power ? 95 Watt

  Chronos the 2nd 13:59 13 Feb 2013

hen I do not think that your temps are high after all,been doing a bit of research and I would say average would be 38 degrees C at idle with fan around 1500rpm, and about 74 degrees C when all cores are running flat out.

As it is an all in one I suspect you are stuck with whatever cooler Dell fitted so I think you will need to live with the noise.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:03 13 Feb 2013

sorry that was not the s version

for yours its slightly lower

Maximum operating temperature ? 69.1°C

Thermal Design Power ? 65 Watt

from here

  Hetti 14:49 13 Feb 2013

Thanks guys, very kind of you all,

That has put my mind at rest,it was the Ashampoo software report frightening me, maybe I should try a different temp monitor.

  nickf 15:34 13 Feb 2013

I use CoreTemp 1.0 RC3 , seems quite reliable .

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