Advice on rebuilding pc please - problem starting

  Never again 10:57 22 Jun 2005

My friend (Hayley) brought me her pc as it was not starting at all, and this was explored in a previous thread.

The concensus was that the motherboard was dead, and so she has purchased a new asus k8v-x 754 pin motherboard, a sempron 2800+, 512 ram and dvd writer to add to her cd drive 350w power supply and 40gb hard drive which was running windows millenium. The hard drive is ok as I connected it as a slave to my pc to back up her vital docs and pictures on cdr.

Anyway.. I've put it all together and windows will not start - I assumed that if I connected her hard drive as master then it would just boot into windows.

I get post, an me splash screen and then nothing.

I am wondering if her graphics card is also a problem, as I have a green light on my monitor but just a blank flashing cursor in the top left hand corner on a blank screen.

Post recognises the graphics card as a ge-force mx440.

I've tried starting in safe mode to choose vga drivers but when I tap f8 I get an option to boot from different sources instead of the safe mode options, and when i choose the hard drive i get the blank screen with the flashing cursor.

I have checked all cables.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

  Klof Ron 11:06 22 Jun 2005

Just a thought but as you connected the hard drive to your PC as a slave, did you remember to set it back to master on her PC. Also I think now would be a good time for a complete re-install of the OS.

  jbaker65 11:07 22 Jun 2005

You tested the hard drive as a slave on your computer! Did you remember to change it back to a master when you returned it to her new system?

  Giant68 11:08 22 Jun 2005

If you have all her vital docs etc saved then it would probably pay to boot from a win ME floppy and reinstall windows fresh rather than hope it would boot from the existing version. The existing version will be looking for all sorts of drivers for hardware that no longer exists and this is possibly why it won't play ball.


  Never again 11:21 22 Jun 2005

Yes and no.

I forgot to change the jumpers and it started to recognise and install loads of pci bride stuff, etc and then froze.

So I reset the jumper and now I am faced with this problem on restart.

I was hoping not to completely instrall windows as there were a few programs installed that she can't find the cd's for, but if push comes to shove then its an fdisk, format and reinstall, but i need to make sure that the graphics card is not the problem.

I think that I have an old pci one somewhere in a box which I might try.

  Never again 11:30 22 Jun 2005

I can get into the bios ok and read this.

plug and play was disabled so I have enabled it, and SATA boot was enabled and giving me an error mesage in post so I disabled it as I have no sata devices, although this has not made any difference to my windows boot (or lack of it).

I get the win me splash screen and then nothing.

The hdd light flashes for a short while and then goes out?

  vaughan007 11:31 22 Jun 2005

Doesn't sound like the graphics card to me.

If it was the graphics card then you would probably not see anything at all when you turn the PC on...or certainly not see anything resembling "normality"!

But am I right in assuming that you do see the boot up screen when you first turn the PC on? If you do then the graphics card is fine.

Can you try the existing graphics card in another computer to check it out?

"I forgot to change the jumpers and it started to recognise and install loads of pci bride stuff, etc and then froze."

Sounds like that when you forgot to turn the jumpers back some data on the hard drive has been over-written meaning windows wont start properly :-(

Sorry, but it does sound like a format and re-install is the most logical solution to this one.

  Never again 11:38 22 Jun 2005

I think you are right, but I was hoping.

I'm going to advise her that it would probably be more stable on xp as well.

ME gave me problems for years - I have a boot floppy in now.

Is there a utility on the floppy that I might use to check it out?

  gudgulf 11:45 22 Jun 2005

Try to get to safe mode again....use the F5 key instead of F8.

  Never again 12:01 22 Jun 2005

...but I tried to change the driver whilst in safe mode and now I am faced with the blank screen again.

I do not have the original driver disks, and even if I did safe mode does not usually access cd drives.

  Never again 12:38 22 Jun 2005

I pulled the agp card and inserted an old 4mb pci card.

It booted straight into windows after the change was confirmed in post, and set most of the motherboard stuff.

I am going to put in the motherboard cd now and see where that takes me.

I'll report back later.

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