Advice re unauthorised access to computer

  wildhouse 18:37 30 Apr 2010

Hi - my neighbour in the next flat has emailed to say that her computer was accessed twice whilst she was out. I have my firewall enabled and my wifi needs the correct registration key so I'm fairly sure that my computer is safe, but can anyone advise how her computer could have been accessed? She hasn't said what sites were accessed. Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:14 30 Apr 2010

1.Unsecured network (WEP is no good needs to be at least WPA)

2. Infected with Virus and malware.

  wildhouse 19:18 30 Apr 2010

You will have to enlighten me about WEP and WPA. I know it stands for Wired equivalent privacy and Wi-Fi protected access but I doubt know what that means!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:00 30 Apr 2010
  PalaeoBill 20:10 30 Apr 2010

Sticking the terms WEP and WPA into Google will tell you all that you need; specifically why WEP is not a good option anymore.
For an added level of protection, most routers allow you to specify the MAC address(s) of computers that are allowed to connect to it. The MAC (Media Access Control) number is unique to a network card/wireless network card.
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What is probably more important in this instance is to find out from your neighbour what level of protection she had and what she means when she says her PC was accessed!

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