Advice re new laptop purchase

  Wendy Egan 21:41 13 Nov 2018

I have read so many reviews and reports and am now more confused than when I started. I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance. I want to buy a laptop for my husband who is a total non techy. I had thought to go Chrome book but now I'm not sure whether to stick to regular laptop. All he wants is to have maybe 8 or 10 tabs open, using Chrome. These will be Twitter, FB, outlook mail, BBC news, CNN news and maybe 2 or 3 other news type sites. He likes to print the odd thing out and we have an older printer which I've now read might not work with a chromebook. Have no need to buy another printer as it works fine and I also have another brand new but same one as a spare. He would like to have around 3-4k photos to be used as desktop cycle. Does not want a flip but does want touch screen. Number one priority, backlit keypad lol. Screen size 13/14". And he doesn't want to wait 5 minutes for his pages to load. That is really all he does. He will watch the odd youtube video or news report video. Once in a blue moon he'll watch TV if I'm watching the main TV. And I really don't want to pay a lot, as, for what he does, it just isn't worth it. No phone link, no docs or anything like that, no music. Over the years we've had a lot of bad laptops and been given some wrong advice in stores which is why I'm hoping someone can suggest something suitable that I can then go and research, so thank you in advance.

  Forum Editor 13:29 14 Nov 2018

At the budget end of the laptop market there are always going to be some compromises, but there are always some offerings that are surprisingly good for the money.

Take a look at this.

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