Advice re msimn.exe and outlook express

  DJ Si 18:57 04 Mar 2003

I am running windows 2000.
When I use outlook express, sometimes when I close the program, an error message comes up saying :msimn.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. An error log has been generated.
I can click cancel and get rid of this, but why's it keep coming up and can I sort it out?



  Lozzy 19:02 04 Mar 2003

Its a corruption that is causing it. Scan and defrag your HDD

  AMD 4 ever 19:10 04 Mar 2003

I Had to compact the OE Folders and all was ok.

  DJ Si 19:11 04 Mar 2003

Defraged and scanned hard-disc several times in the past- still no different.
Any other ideas

  AMD 4 ever 19:34 04 Mar 2003

Start OE Go to File>Folder>Compact all...see if that helps!

  powerless 19:40 04 Mar 2003
  bowman 19:42 04 Mar 2003

Have a read here:

Error Message: Msimn.exe Has Generated Errors and Will Be Closed by Windows............

click here

Hope this helps.

  bowman 19:44 04 Mar 2003

Powerless........Dam one finger typing!!

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