advice re first ghost backup

  sunny staines 16:06 28 Aug 2006

just did my first copy of Ghost v9 of c drive to another drive[using dive to another drive option + copy mbr] i copied to a logical drive on another HDD is that ok. And to give me piece of mind in the event of having a disaster is it just a case of using the same option again in reverse?

  FelixTCat 16:19 28 Aug 2006

sunny staines,

There are 2 ways of using Norton Ghost:

1. to make a backup image of a drive

2. to clone a drive

Making a backup image leaves a file with a .GHO extension on a disk. You use Norton Ghost again to restore that image back to the drive it came from. It is a total back-up of the drive. It does not affect the other contents of the drive on which you make the Ghost image..

Cloning a drive means making an exact copy of the drive. You might want to do this to set up 2 or more pcs identically if they have the same motherboard etc; it is easier than installing XP from scratch on multiple pcs if you have multiple licences. Cloning a drive wipes out any data that may have been on the drive being written to.

It sounds as though what you have done is clone your drive rather than back it up. In theory, i your main drive fails, just take it out and replace it with the clone.



  sunny staines 16:38 28 Aug 2006


thanks for the reply should i have copied to a primary drive instead of a logical? and included copy mbr?

  FelixTCat 16:41 28 Aug 2006

sunny staines,


I think that you would be better off making a backup .GHO file rather than cloning the disk.



  sunny staines 17:04 28 Aug 2006


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