Advice Re Domain/Hosting Ownership Transfer

  babybell 10:58 05 Jan 2010

I have in the past setup a few websites for friends that need one for their small businesses. To make life easier, I have always sat down with them in front of a laptop and told them which hosting package to buy and what domain to buy and then they have used their bank card details to make the purchases. I then get the login details off them and begin to upload their website once I’ve built it. This of course means any renewal of domain name or hosting package is deducted from their account and I don’t have to get involved with that side of things.

However, word of mouth is kicking in and I’m starting to get friends of friends asking to knock them up a site as well, even though they don’t know me personally. I was wondering what others do in this situation. Ideally, I would like to suggest a domain and hosting package and get the site online for them then they just pay me a lump sum and then I transfer the domain and hosting package over to them, but how do I go about doing this. Other than that, do I keep it in my name and bank details and invoice them when the renewals are taken from my account?

Any advice would be gratefully received

  gerri-atrick 13:47 06 Jan 2010

The same thing happened to me, i did one for a freind, then another and another, always getting them to put in their details for domain etc, then i decided that i could be making money out of this aw well as doing them a favour.
I use a reseller package branded with my own name, got it here - click here

I load up resellers page, they put in all their details like before, but the big difference is i tell them that it is a tenner a month for everything, site, domain name, hosting etc and they always think thats very cheap and go for it, and after 3 have signed up everyone else is a profit, they think you are doing them a favour for getting it so cheap, you make a profit, and if you get others in then even better :)

  cycoze 13:47 06 Jan 2010

Perhaps a Reseller account might suit you, Heart Internet always gets a good rating click here , they do reseller accounts click here , you could sell on the space and stay in control.

  cycoze 13:48 06 Jan 2010

Damn that was joint thinking :)

  ajm 22:19 06 Jan 2010

I was in the same situation and have now signed up for the Heart Internet reseller account. I have around 25 clients for whom I host and also take care of their domains, etc.

These clients prefer me to take care of buying the domain name, renewals, etc. This also allows me to make a small profit on the domain names as well. However the domain name is registered under the client's name and address.étc. Once all is setup I then invoice the client.

My cost of the heart reseller fees is covered by the annual hosting fees of 3 clients and the rest is profit for me.

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