Advice re CD-RW and Win Media Player, please

  Wak 16:05 04 Mar 2003

Hi, I don't know much about Audio so I thought I'd better ask the people who do.
I have Win98SE and Windows Media Player 9.0 which comes bundled with Roxio.
I have just installed a Liteon CD-RW 48x24x48 which uses Nero and the instructions with Nero suggest that any other CD burning program should be removed in order to avoid any conflict.
As Nero seems more compatible with Win98SE, the questions are:-
1. Is it safe to leave Roxio in situ with WMP or should I remove it??
2. If it is better to remove it, could I just alter the Roxio Folder name or would it still conflict?
3. If it would still conflict, how else should it be removed without removing WMP completely.
Any suggestions or info would be very much appreciated.

  Jonathan314159 16:41 04 Mar 2003

Is WMP able to write to CDs? - I thought it was just a player. Not an expert on this (as you can see!), but I'm using Nero and haven't noticed any conflicts with WMP (I'm running XP). I've also got Easy CD Creator installed which definately is a writing programme, and again haven't seen any conflicts. Haven't done anything special like renaming the folder.

I've had conflicts with other programs (nothing to do with this at all), which have been solved by using the EnditAll utility to close down all background programmes - freeware, you can find using Google.

  Wak 17:00 04 Mar 2003

Hi Jonathan, Yes, Win Media Player 9.0 can write to Cds using Roxio but mainly for XP although Win 98 SE can use part of it.
The menu down the left hand side of WMP includes Media, Radio, and Copy to CD or Device.
It's also listed in the help files at the top.
As it is rather limited for Win 98SE I thought I might as well remove it, but which part and how is the question.

  Wak 17:02 04 Mar 2003

PS..I already use Enditall but thanks for the info and response, anyway.

  Wak 21:25 04 Mar 2003

Hi Jonathan, I'll talk to you as everyone else appears to be busy writing to the Forum Editor about Titles.

I installed Nero and left the Roxio burner still in WMP. I copied one disc without any conflicts so I'll just leave things as they are until problems, if any, arise and deal with them later.

Thanks for your response, I'd better mark this as closed before it finishes up on Page 10.

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