Advice for purchasing monitors for home and work

  rock_face 17:52 13 Nov 2016


I'm looking to purchase 2+ monitors for home and at work (contractor). I've got a 17" laptop which I use daily at work - owned by the client, as they want to control access to their network - fair enough. It's screen is quite good - well spec'ed HP laptop, so I'm happy enough to use it as a second screen currently.

However, I would like to get myself at least one new screen for work. The laptop I use as thunderbolt, HMDI & (I think) a VGA connection. I also want to get myself a screen for home where I can work, study and also view movies, online TV etc.

At work, I'm now used to two screens - laptop screen and a std Dell 21" non widescreen. My plan was to put the laptop onto a mount beside the new screen and then use my own wireless keyboard and mouse to interface.

The current Dell monitor is okay, but recently I am getting sore eyes and headaches. Plus, I just want to get some new gear as the clients equipment is tired and does not provide a clear image to view/read.

In terms of size, I was thinking about a 24", but I'm not sure - possibly opt for a 22".

What should I be looking for in terms of spec for a monitor and what brands/models are recommended?

At some stage in future, I might like to pair the monitors with one in vertical alignment (or purchase a second in order to match the 22"/24"). Therefore I'd want one which can be mounted this way. Many seem to have just the footstand and some even have little or no tilt angle to them.

I suspect that there is little now at these sizes that is lower than 1920x1080. Is 60Hz sufficient? What else should I be looking at for the work screen? How much should I budget for this?

In terms of the home screen, the intent is for it to be a bit more multi-purpose. Again, I'm not sure of size or what to go for in terms of spec or size. It is not a necessity that I get one, but I thought that at the same time I could buy both. Would I be better of getting a matching pair now - or are the needs both distinct requiring different items?

I've budgeted approx £350 for these - sub £150 for the work screen and ~£200 for the home screen.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:58 13 Nov 2016

possibly start click here

  rock_face 20:36 20 Nov 2016

Hi, I've been doing some research into this and I've decided that I would benefit from a dual monitor setup at work. I'm thinking now of either 24" or 27" monitors which can be pivoted into vertical alignment, if necessary.

What is the limiting factor in getting a povito monitor - is it the graphics card or OS in the laptop, or is it the actual monitor itself?

For 27" monitors is 1440 necessary or is 1080 still sufficient?


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