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  [DELETED] 21:31 16 May 2006

I have just transferred my system from a midi tower case to a worldtop desktop case, with which I am very pleased. However on changing over to the desktop case, my system fails to reboot fully after installing programmes etc.
It start its reboot sequence, but after checking the IDE connectors it fails to go any further in the reboot procedure. When switching it completely off and on again it boots up fine.
The only thing different in the system is that the desktop case has only a 300watt P.S.U. which is far less that the P.S.U. I was using in the midi case. Would this cause this problem?
Also the P.S.U. in the desktop is smaller in size to the one I was using in the midi system.
How do I select the correct size of P.S.U. for the desktop, when the computer component websites do not actually give the actual size of P.S.U.
Thanks for any help on this matter.

  woodchip 21:34 16 May 2006

There's you answer, 300watt PSU plus I don't like Desktop cases. But each to is own

  [DELETED] 21:48 16 May 2006


could you post your system specs please.?

  [DELETED] 21:58 16 May 2006 all depends on your specs. If you have a fairly busy system: CDROM, DVD drive, GOOD amount of memory, decent Graphics card, etc., I would recommend a 400 watt supply or greater. The test is in the weight of the thing! If you are buying a separate PSU, try a few different ones, pick 'em up, read the labels, and remember the stated outputs are not always honestly stated. A better judgement is the weight! i know it sounds daft in these enlightened days, but in this case bigger is better.

BTW, I don't like desktop cases either. You'd be better off if you'd left it.

A thought: Maybe, if you still have the old case, you could swap the PSU over!? Try it - you never know!!!

  [DELETED] 22:02 16 May 2006

Hi Joe,

My system is an MSI K7N2 Delta2 motherboard, which states that it should be used with a P.S.U. in excess of 350W. The processor is an AMD Sempron 2600+ and I have over 1 gig of 3200 ddr memory installed.
I have actually been looking on Ebuyer etc., for a more powerful P.S.U. but they do not quote the exact size, and I am unsure what to look for, as the desktop P.S.U. is slightly smaller in size than my midi tower P.S.U. which will not fit the desktop case.
Thanks for any advice you can give me on this matter Joe.

  Stuartli 23:18 16 May 2006

The type of PSU installed should be listed on a label on the unit.

martjc is quite right regarding the weight of PSUs - a partical indication of the quality is provided by its weight and the more the better normally.

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