Advice on proxy servers, please.

  SJM_81 20:24 14 Mar 2010

I want to start using a proxy as I'm getting so much spam in my email account. However, I don't wont to use one of them sites were you add an address in the URL bar and surf anonymously.

Instead, I am trying to use my browser tools and enter a proxy that way. Are proxies safe and reliable? Do they stay open or do you need to change them daily? Is it like everything else in life, you have to pay for decent service?

I need a proxy and it has to be a UK (English address) Is there anywhere reliable I can do that? Or is there a way to change range of your wan ip address.


  SJM_81 22:57 14 Mar 2010

Is there any safe places to use proxies? Googled it but there doesn't seem to be muck on the safety, just lots of places containing proxies.

  SJM_81 23:23 14 Mar 2010

Wheres the best place to ask this if no one knows the answer?

  SJM_81 00:47 15 Mar 2010

Waste of ferking time, this place.

  cream. 13:13 15 Mar 2010

stop the ammount of spam you get in your e-mail box.

Use a decent spam filter.

and with in 4 hours, because you get no reply, you blow your top. I would ask for a refund, but you can't. We helpers pop in when we can and give advice for FREE.


if you want a personal service, I am available @ £80 a hour.

  MAJ 13:32 15 Mar 2010

"if you want a personal service, I am available @ £80 a hour."

Very good value there, Cream, SJM_81 should take you up on the offer.

  rawprawn 14:05 15 Mar 2010

If you feel that this site is a waste of time, and you don't come back. I doubt that you will be sadly missed.

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