sillysoo 09:36 23 Sep 2004

Hi, I want to buy a new printer and scanner solely for photographs. I do a lot of photographic resoration and so want a decent scanner and printer but not too expensive as this is only a hobby. I would appreciate your advice on this. At the moment I have an epson scanner 1240 OU and an Epson printer 1290, I can never get the photographs the same colours as the original no matter how much I fiddle with the settings. So any ideas please.....Thanks

  stlucia 12:48 23 Sep 2004

Maybe its a software problem, rather than hardware? What program are you using to fiddle with the settings?

  Filch 14:33 23 Sep 2004

This is a common problem unless you are using a Mac. The way to overcome it, sort of, is to have the colour profiles of your scanner, computer, and printer all the same. The best way, including the above, is to calibrate your monitor using a Gamma utility.

  sillysoo 15:57 24 Sep 2004

Sorry I have taken a while to answer I had to go out, I am not using any programe to calibrate, I didn't know you needed one!....please advise on one..

  Filch 17:38 24 Sep 2004

If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, there is a built in Gamma calibrator. Other wise, check on Google (I can't recall any right now) - but they are very expensive. It would probably be cheaper just to by Photoshop Elements.

Bear in mind that none of them work on LCDs, just the CRTs.

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