Advice please? Zoostorm pc

  Adralle 23:24 26 May 2010

5 weeks ago I bought a Zoostorm pc and as soon as I had switched it on I noticed certain issues. Half an hour after using the pc the mouse and keyboard wouldn't work, so I bought a replacement. Then a day later I started getting freeze-ups. Now, 5 weeks into the struggle, the Zoostorm techs say they have finally discovered my error, and have had the same conmplaints form other buyers. Apparently the memory and motherboard aren't compatible with eachother. How could this have happened? I'm really very annoyed with them, and now I have to wait for 6 days until their engineer can come out and take a look at it.
Has anyone else encountered these issues?
What do you suggest that I do? The tech ran through several diagnostic checks with me over the phone, spanning several days and everything seemed ok.
Some problems I've had include my pc clock shooting forward up to 60 years, windows update won't actually auto update and when I choose manual, it says it failed to upload the files.

I'm a gamer (world of warcraft) and have recently purchased an nvidia card, succesfully I believe, but the graphics still freeze up when in-game.

I feel like just contacting the supplier for an immediate refund and going elsewhere with my cash, or demanding an immediate replacement....only because I don't think this should ever happen with a brand new purchase.

All feedback gratefully recieved.


Adralle x

  northumbria61 00:00 27 May 2010

Firstly Zoostorm have acknowledged that there is a problem not only with your PC but with other buyers also. I know how annoying this can be but personally I would give Zoostorm the opportunity to rectify things then if you are still not satisfied take the issue further.

  schmollies 07:38 27 May 2010

I purchesd the same machine a bout 6 weeks ago and have had absolutly no problems. You may just have a bad one but there does seem to be a general problem.

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