Advice please re "overwritten" user profile

  Stymied 23:05 23 Jun 2010

I have a three year old Dell Inspiron 640m and I am running Windows XP.

I'm hoping there's a way out of this mess!

Someone who is also set up as a user on my laptop, had left herself logged in when I needed to use it. To save time (ouch!!!) since my laptop takes ages to load, and I was short of time, when I noticed that the login window read that an administrator could unlock the laptop, I acted without thinking and I logged in as myself, with my username and my password.

To my horror I realised that I had inadvertently set in train events that were creating a new profile for me under my old user name.

Everything has vanished from My Documents. I can't find my files anywhere in My Computer. The Folders for my user name are empty. Nor can I see my files in the Recycle Bin.

Is there anything one can do to recover the missing files?

Thanks for any advice.

  MAT ALAN 23:08 23 Jun 2010

click here

might help...

It's worked well for me a couple of times...

  Stymied 23:42 23 Jun 2010

Thanks for this suggestion. I appreciate it.

I see they are behind CCleaner, which I have. But when I try to download, I get a pop-up warning in the task bar that Recuva could damage my computer,so I'm a little anxious about deepening the mess I'm it and hesitating about clicking the Save button.

I'm trying to download it from Piriform itself rather than FileHippo.

This is something that I haven't seen before, though I have had the address bar change to an alarming shade of orange. Can I safely overlook this warning?

  MAT ALAN 07:59 24 Jun 2010

Could be just your security settings to high that triggering the warning.
As for it damageing your PC don't quite see how its gonna do that.

Have you tried a "system restore" yet.

I am asuming from the issue you have yuo have NO backup so when /if your files are recovered you might want to put something in place...

  ^wave^ 08:46 24 Jun 2010

what version of xp

  mgmcc 08:58 24 Jun 2010

While logged in with your existing Username (Administrator Account), create a new Administrator account with a totally different name. Log in with the new account and see if there are now *TWO* accounts in your usual name. If so, you need to delete the *wrong* one that doesn't access your own files.

  johndrew 09:28 24 Jun 2010

Have you tried a System Restore to before you made the changes?

  MAT ALAN 13:54 24 Jun 2010

click here

follow thread it may help...

  Stymied 17:43 24 Jun 2010

Thank you to everyone who's taken the trouble to help me.

Mat Alan, I think you've been very kind and gone to lengths to find that last thread, so thanks in brief and I'll report back when I've digested all the suggestions. I have a mobile drive, but it's a while since I've used it. I know, I know, I hang my head in shame. Maybe, it's the security settings, but that's not my usual file warning window, nor have I ever had one in the bottom left of the task bar, though I'm using Google Chrome, so maybe that is an issue as they have a funny way of routing downloads. I really appreciate your help.

Mgmcc, this is something I never thought of. Will swot up and try that.

Mat Alan and johndrew: this was the one of the first things I thought of, but when I googled this yesterday, one link said that a system restore won't restore lost files.

^wave^, I just found out how to do this so here goes: version 5.1 (build2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.100216-1514:Service Pack 3)

I know that I need time to digest the suggestions you've made. Being tired got me into this mess so I'm only going to try these out when I'm more likely to have my wits about me. (I'm on a training course this week, and this is my first chance to access the forum since this morning, and I'm only at home briefly before going to a workplace issues meeting!

If any of you have any further ideas, I will look out for further comments.

  MAT ALAN 18:11 24 Jun 2010

I would go with what you have for now, take your time and let us know how ya get on, then we can go from there...

  Stymied 20:20 27 Jun 2010

I have tried mgmcc's suggestion, because this seemed the easiest option and I am still in a somewhat timid mode. There are *not* two accounts in my usual name.

Everyone else, I am planning to wait until tomorrow to try recovering the files using a combination of what you have suggested. Just double-checking it all as if things are retrievable, I don't want to do anything that makes matters worse.

Thanks for the support you gave me. It's reassuring that there are so many generous people out there.

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