Advice please on notebook

  porci 19:40 30 May 2004

Hi all

I have a budget (slightly flexible) of £1k.Looking to use the laptop for purely home use - spreadsheets, email etc, combined with surfing, some digital photos and a decent graphics card. Only want Pentium & cdrw no dvd rw.Weight is no issue, but broadband modem is a must. What is reliable nowadays and who is a good online supplier? Software also not an issue.

  BBez 20:16 30 May 2004

i use click here for all my hardware and "pipex" is a good ISP.

EBuyer can be a "*!"*" to return stuff though if it's faulty, but, i've only had around 3 failures in 45 purchases and they're cheap...

  BBez 20:17 30 May 2004

forgot to mention, pipex don't support you running web / ftp server from your LAN...

  Taran 20:34 30 May 2004

being stoned in the village square, PC World have a wide selection of laptops, you can leave the store with it tucked under your arm and be using it as soon as you get home and your budget can buy you a very, very nice machine.

SONY K115B with Intel Celeron 2.8GHZ Processor

512 mb RAM Memory

40 Gb Hard Drive

DVD ROM and CD-RW Drive

15" TFT Display

64MB ATi Mobility Radeon IGP Graphics

MS Works 7.0

Norton Internet Security 2004 Software

Windows XP Home edition at £999


TOSHIBA A30-141 with Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz Processor

512Mb DDR Ram

30 Gb Hard Drive

DVD Rom and CD-RW Drive

15"TFT Display

64Mb ATi Mobility Radeon 9000 Graphics

MS Works Software

2 x USB Connections

Windows XP Home Edition comes in at £929.99


FUJITSU SIEMENS D7850 with Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz Processor

512 mb DDR RAM

40 Gb Hard Drive

DVD-RW Drive

15.0" TFT Display

64mb ATi Mobility Radeon 9200 Graphics

5 USB Connections

Windows XP Home Edition

MS Worksuite 2004 all for £899.99 which leaves you a hundred pounds to play with.

I like the convenience myself, but there we are.

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