Advice please its £££'s

  Rtus 11:07 11 Nov 2003

No not anothe oh look ive gota £ on me keyboard
I'm after a bit of advice. Someone in Switzerland has asked me to e-mail him my bank details so I can be paid for some work. My experience of international banking is nil ? so I'm not wild about this idea. Am I being over-sensitive? And are there any security factors that can be added or should be looked for? or suggestions as to how i can recieve payment without risk of loss..

  GJC 11:12 11 Nov 2003

Just a thought, but why not sign up with someone like PayPal of NatWest FastPay?

They both charge a percentage handling fee, but you could always pass that on to the client, and you wouldn't have to give anyone your bank details (it also means that you can accept credit cards).


  Rtus 11:24 11 Nov 2003

That looks an Ideal solution ..Depending on their cut fee ..LOL.

  [email protected]@m 11:27 11 Nov 2003

If they sent you a cheque, in Swiss or Sterling, that would work.

  Djohn 11:29 11 Nov 2003

Contact your Bank, I'm sure they have a facility for doing this at no risk to you. j.

  [email protected]@m 11:30 11 Nov 2003

Talking of cheques, your bank account details are on there anyway, so it can't be a risk to pass the details to a third party.

  rawprawn 11:33 11 Nov 2003

If the company in question is reputable you should have no reason to worry, I dealt with many companies on the continent & transferring money by BACS is normal practice. They need your banking details to effect the transfer.

  Djohn 11:38 11 Nov 2003

[email protected]@m is correct. Having your bank details means that they may credit your account but not debit it, unless you authorised it to be that way. IE A direct debit or standing order to pay them. j.

  Rtus 11:48 11 Nov 2003

Told you my experience of international banking is nil .Dont get enough of the stuff to get that far ..LOL

..Thanks guys ..

  Rtus 11:50 11 Nov 2003


I mean Thanks Persons !! I dont want Bodi on the War path do we...

  spuds 19:52 11 Nov 2003

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