advice please - home wireless options questions

  pookie 16:01 09 Jun 2012


Windows 7 Home Premium.I keep all drivers and malware detectors etc up to date and scan alot.

Home use. I have a N150 wireless modem router in the downstairs living room. My main pc is in the room above and uses a N150 wireless adaptor. Since I got it my kids now both have laptops using wirelsss and watch you tube videos etc. My wife has ipod and uses the internet on it and I have a smartphone connected wirelessly to the modem router. As such my main pc now seems to have a far weaker signal and speedtest results are slower than say a year ago. I don't won't to connect my main pc to modem router by cable and I can't move the modem router upstairs. So, to improve the signal around the house do I:

1) buy a N300 modem router (£100) and a N300 wireless adaptor(£40) for my main pc or, 2) keep my N150 modem router and N150 wireless adaptor card but powersocket plug in wireless range extenders (I've seen 200Mb ones for £70)?

Thank you


  Woolwell 16:29 09 Jun 2012

Only so much data can get to your house and it is now being split 4 ways and the you tube videos will be taking up quite a bit of bandwidth. This is probably the reason why you now have a slower speed. Changing the router may not improve things. Changing your total download speed from your ISP may improve things.

  Nontek 17:00 09 Jun 2012

You may well do better using Homeplugs

Extremely easy to use, no Settings to fiddle with, just Plug and Play! With the bonus that Wired is quicker and more secure than Wireless.

  pookie 17:28 09 Jun 2012

Thank you both. My current package is up to 8Mb but my line only supports about 5.5Mb of which speedtests show download as about 4Mb. Funnily enough, I had an email from my ISP provider today saying that fibre optic internet would be available in my area in July for another £10 a month and it would take my download speed to average 20Mb. I am just into an 18 month contract with them so can't really check other providers.

If I get the fibre optic which increases the download speed I take it that my N150 as it is will be a limiting factor and that I'd still need the homeplugs to provide a strong signal throughout the house? Or would I need a N300 wireless modem router to get the full potential out of the fibre optic?


  pookie 17:50 09 Jun 2012

Right, I have seen these (£39):|categoryroot|Office%2C+PCs+and+phones|14418968/Trail/searchtext%3EMODEM.htm which I think will work. Looking at them I simply join one to my modem router by ethernet cable and plug it into a power socket. Then in my main pc room I join the other powerline unit by ethernet cable to the pc and plug that powerline unit into a power socket. This will make by main pc connected by ethernet and I can disable the wifi on it. Does that powerline unit in my main pc room act a wifi signal booster/range extender as well?

Sorry for all questions but funds are low! I'd rather spend £30 to make a difference to my main pc rather than £10 per month for 2 years for fibre

  Nontek 19:04 09 Jun 2012

No, it does not act as a signal booster, at least those that I have shown above don't, (your link does not work, so I can't see what ones you are talking about) each homeplug with ethernet cable connection is the way to go.

As many homeplugs as are needed can be fitted around the home, all you need are Power-points to fit them to.

  Nontek 19:06 09 Jun 2012

PS - I used to use homeplugs on a BT 2Mb broadband system, they worked very well - though I now have BT Infinity, regularly getting 36Mb+.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:08 09 Jun 2012

You only have a certain (4Mb) bandwidth into the house - shared by 5 devices

Some will draw more than the others (youtube watchers) regardless how you connect (wired or wireless).

Think of it as houshold income, if you want to spend more, some thing else has to suffer or you have to increase the income by working overtime ;0)

Home plugs will overcome the problems of poor wireless signals in buildings with thick walls etc. not improve your download speeds.

I use TPlink plugs to connect my main TVbox to the router as they are at opposite corners of the house.

  pookie 19:34 09 Jun 2012

Many thanks all,

Last question (hopefully), if I do get the fibre option from my isp in the future will I need to get a N300 wireless modem router to fully benefit from the fibre connection?

  spuds 19:43 09 Jun 2012

Regarding broadband questions and answers, I find this website very interesting and useful

  Nontek 20:54 09 Jun 2012

Re your 'last question', I don't know about your ISP but when I upgraded my BT Broadband to BT Infinity, I was provided with all the necessary kit to make it possible, and it was fitted for free by a BT Engineer.

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