Advice please on buying a new computer

  Mr Beaujangles 22:55 28 Dec 2005

Hi folks - it has reached that time when I have to give in and buy myself and the family a new computer. My four year old one no longer cuts the ice with new games or the digital photo editing or the musical add ons that this family seems to have accumalated. the choice is between two so far: The Evesham Axis MKR that is the best buy in this month's budget buys and can be viewed here: click here or the Mesh Matrix² Vista Which can be seen here:
click here
The evesham comes in about £1060 + P&P and the Mesh comes in about £1070 + P&P by the time you add a modem and a floppy drive to each. I know nothing about Evesham other than that a friend has one and stands by them. Mesh - well like amny I have read the vitriol on the consumerwatch pages and elsewhere but - have to add that I have had good service from them and that the only problem was they missed the first delivery date. System has been back to the factory and had a new HD when the old one died - no hassle! Returned on the day and at the time they quoted as well!
So help me choose folks. There isn't an awfullot of difference between them from what I can see - except that the Mesh has Raid ability (Whatever that means?), The Evesham has 2 more USB slots - geez, I really am floundering here.

What's it to be then - the Evesham or the Mesh - or does someone know a better alternative for me to look at?



  citadel 22:59 28 Dec 2005

the mesh has a better graphics card for new games.

  Mr Beaujangles 23:04 28 Dec 2005

Hi Citadel, they are both the same256 ATI radeon X800GTO PCI Express?


  Border View 23:07 28 Dec 2005

Look at Consumerwatch forum - think you will find that Evesham have the edge.

  Jaro 23:13 28 Dec 2005

what u talking about evesham has 256MB ATI Radeon X700 PCI-E graphics click here

  007al 23:15 28 Dec 2005

The evesham has an x700 graphics card and a 3800 cpu.
The mesh has x800 and 4200 cpu.
The mesh is the better system there.
The mesh also has a 19" monitor,the other a 17"

  Jaro 23:15 28 Dec 2005

or maybe u gave us wrong link but if u didnt i would definitely go for mesh

  Mr Beaujangles 23:18 28 Dec 2005

Citadel - I apologise for questioning your comment! I've been back to the magazine and it lists the Radeon X800 GTO in the review but on the website it clearly states the X700 PCI. (Time to have a word with the editor methinks!)
This really isn't good enough - readers depend on the accuracy of these reviews in many instances to make their decisions about what is the best buy. Even in the write up at the foot of the page it still mentions the X800. Come on Ed - what's the score here?


  Mr Beaujangles 23:23 28 Dec 2005

Guys - thanks for the speedy corrections! I really did think they were both the same (as posted above) Has anyone else got the latest PC Advisor to hand to see what I mean?

Once again Citadel - apologies.

Looks like Mesh is in the lead at present!

  Jaro 23:25 28 Dec 2005

even if the graphic card was 256 ATI radeon X800GTO i would still go gor mesh one look at 007al coment it talk it self. he havent mentioned HDD which is better as well

  hzhzhz 23:31 28 Dec 2005

Mesh it is then.

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