Advice please about fitting a new hard disk

  nkosi 20:37 27 Oct 2004

I have to replace my Maxtor 60Gb HDD as S.M.A.R.T. is warning of it's demise. I haven't done this before but I have read all the previous posts and links on the subject and want to do it myself. But I have a couple of questions first.

I intend to fit the new drive as master and do a clean install of Windows XP from the recovery disk. I will then load my programs afresh. I have made copies of all my personal files. I have used the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to copy my settings to CD.

Question 1. Can I use my old disk as a slave until I'm sure that I don't need anything else from it - even though it would still have a copy of the operating system on it?

Question 2. Any problem with buying an 80GB OEM Maxtor drive from ebay (there is a container load available for £40 at the moment). I can download a manual from the Maxtor website and if I'm not partitioning, I presume the Windows XP disk is all the software I need?

The system is an Evesham 1.4 Athlon (just over 3 years old) with an ASUS A7A266 motherboard and Award BIOS. Windows XP Home with SP2 with GoBack enabled (might be relevant). Any advice appreciated.

  spikeychris 20:41 27 Oct 2004

I'm afraid it all falls apart at your first point. You say.."I intend to fit the new drive as master and do a clean install of Windows XP from the recovery disk." You cant do that - it won't work.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:45 27 Oct 2004

Q1 Yes but fit after installing clean version of window XP on new drive, this will save any problems during install.

Q2 Wouldn't expect a problem with the 80G drives and windows cd is all you need.

Don't forget to set CD as 1st boot devic in BIOS before you start.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:48 27 Oct 2004

Sorry missed the word recovery, as above you cannot install XP from a recovery disk , the install files will be on a hidden partion on your hard drive

  woodchip 20:52 27 Oct 2004

Your best bet if the Hard Drive will stand it, is to get Acronis true image or Norton ghost, And make a Image on to CDR's if you have a CDRW. Then fit the New Drive as Master and Run Acronis from a CD that you can create in the program to boot the program, and load the Image CD's from the Program to restore C:\ drive

  nkosi 20:54 27 Oct 2004

I'm confused! How do I get the operating system on to the new disk when all I have is the Evesham Recovery CD? Do I have to buy a new copy of Windows XP?

Fruit Bat /\0/How can I install Windows before fitting the new drive?

  paddy75 21:01 27 Oct 2004

Fit the new drive as a slave and use the Maxtor Maxblast software to create an exact copy of your current drive.When you have done this remove your old drive replace with new drive and set new drive to master and old drive to slave.Make sure new drive is connected exactly the same way on the ide cable that the old one was because the computer will boot from c drive then you can wipe old drive and use it as spare.Paddy

  Danoh 21:06 27 Oct 2004

I have an Evesham AMDXP1900+, actual clock speed 1.6GHz, 2.5 years old, with an ASUS A7v266a motherboard and Award BIOS. Windows XP Home with SP2 as well.

1) Yes you can use your old master HDD as a slave with it still as a bootable drive with the operating system. But its advisable not to leave it that way for long as it often leads to conflicts.

If you have already transferred all your data, why do you still want to hang on to it in its original state?

2) I have never shopped at e-Bay so can't advise. But there are loads of 80Gb HDDs being sold from web sites of many major names for the same money.

Just over a week ago, I had to get a new 80Gb HDD, set it up as the master drive (easy as the HDD jumper was set that way by default, formatted it and installed Windows XP by booting up with Evesham's recovery CD in the CD drive. Then I installed all my other application programs, etc.

Next, I reset my old HDD as a slave by changing its jumper position, connected it up as a slave (middle rather than end connection on the EIDE cable, closer to the motherboard), and could see it now as Drive D: instead of C:.

I copied all the data off onto my new HDD, which is now the master and C: drive, then reformatted the old HDD which is now drive D:

I had various other continued h/w issues with my old HDD which is not relevant to your situation, but as an aside, Evesham proved yet again why their post-sales support in my 3rd year of ownership, is so incredibly good and I believe, even better than when I last had to call on them which was when I first ordered the PC 2.5 years ago!!

Hope that helps.

  Danoh 21:11 27 Oct 2004

Evesham does not put any hidden parts of Windows XP on the HDD, in the manner that HP-Compaq does.

You can install the full Windows XP operating system directly from Evesham's supplied Recovery CD, as you can with MESH's (I would not buy from a supplier who would not provide me with a full OEM Op/Sys).

So, no, you do not need to buy another Windows XP.

  nkosi 21:11 27 Oct 2004

That sounds easy enough. There's still some life left in the old drive as Maxtor's powermax gives it a clean bill of health. I guess I'll have to do that. Thanks for your help.

I had not heard before that Windows could not be loaded from a recovery disk. So if a hard disk crashed, you would have to buy a new retail copy of Windows to install? Why do they put the product key on the computer if you can't use it again? And all you guys who frequently format and re-install windows - do you all have to have a full retail copy? Just curious. I'm disappointed, I'd loved to have had a clean start :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:12 27 Oct 2004

Hard disk tools :-
Seatools click here
WD Data lifeguard click here
Maxblast3 click here

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