Advice please

  pac73 23:50 06 Nov 2006

Hi guys im swapping my toshiba portege 3480ct with hp printer and scanner,sony dvdrw,cd rom and a gateway monitor.Plus a full set of golf clubs for winfast 3.2 gb m/board running a amd athlon 2.4,winxp pro,m/office 2003,lots of decent security software,
768mb ddr ram,128mb ati graphipcs,2x80gb ide hard drives,21" crt monitor,16xdvd-writer,52x cd-writer+ epson 740 printer+ computer desk if you want it.Do you think ive got a good deal,and will it run vista and decent games.

  woodchip 23:56 06 Nov 2006

That's a Hard one to answer, seeing as we cannot see the equipment but Desktop is low spec CPU as at this time. Plus desktops come much cheaper than Laptops, Even second hand ones, And Golf clubs thrown in. you must be desperate

  Z1100 23:59 06 Nov 2006

and will you get more use out of the the equipment you lose or gain?

I know I would but that is because I can't play golf except on a PC then I can Whoop Tiger Woods 7 days a week!


  pac73 00:17 07 Nov 2006

My laptops 6 years old with 256mb ram,20gb hard drive.It was my first pc,ive had it 12 months.So i just wanted to upgrade to a decent desktop which i can continue to learn on.So i should keep the golf clubs.

  woodchip 00:21 07 Nov 2006

Not a lot in it then

  woodchip 00:29 07 Nov 2006

The desktop will blow your Laptop away even though it's not top of the range hardware. As your Laptop is Six years old then I would think it's worth about £65 at tops so you have to make the decision

  phono 00:34 07 Nov 2006

Is all the software you mention,including the OS, genuine and complete with CDs/DVDs and serials etc?

With regards to running Vista, have you checked the minimum specs?

  pac73 01:09 07 Nov 2006

I havent got the cds and serials,and ive not asked him if hes got them.I actually thought it was a good deal.

  terryf 01:20 07 Nov 2006

You will regret it if you don't get/have the full program CDs and serial numbers when/if your machine breaks down. We see many posts on this forum where people don't have an os disk and there isn't much can be done if they need to repair or re-install their system

  pac73 01:26 07 Nov 2006

Cheers terry,ill ask him tomorrow.

  phono 21:13 07 Nov 2006

terryf is absolutely correct, if your PC has a problem whereby you need to reinstall the OS and/or applications you will end up shelling out quite a comsiderable sum of money if you don't have the original CDs and serials, indeed, if the OS is not original or has been used on more than one PC, you will very likely have problems with windows updates etc.

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