Advice please.....

  Mutant_Llama 08:28 10 Oct 2003

Please read this post and give your recommendations for the next step....

Windows XP1900 (AMD1614), Windows home edition, 1024mb DDR 266htz, Radeon 128mb DDR PRO, Asus A7A-266E MoBO (Alimagic chipset, 60GB HDD

I recently had problems with a constant restart before getting to desktop. After ongoing investigations found that this was not down to the MSBLAST virus or the Windows issue, requiring you to replace KERNEL32.DLL (this infact made things worse, as I could not even get to SAFEMODE then).

I decided to restore Windows on top of my current version but this did not help. I finally bit the bullet and formatted and reinstalled.

This was ok for about a month when the exact same problem returned. Checked all the software fixes again but no good. Formatted and reinstalled once more. After a week the problem returned again.

Each time I formatted and reinstalled I got several virus (as the PC did not have any Windows fixes before I got back on my LAN) but I cleared these down and removed all traces of VIRUS (even turned off SYSTEM RESTORE to clear the restore files).

This time I have protected against virus before outting the LAN on and totally updated all of WIndows. I wait to see how long it goes before the problem returns....

This computer is still under warranty with MESH but I have changed the specs slightly...

It originally came with a GF3 and 512mb with a 300w PSU. I changed these to 1024MB, Radeon 9700PRO and 400w PSU.

My next step is to restore the PC to its original state and then see if the problems persist, but I do not want to be limited to a GF3 with 512MB...

If this problem returns then I will send the PC back to MESH, do you think they will look at in in its changed state?


  hugh-265156 08:41 10 Oct 2003

i doubt you will need to return it.sounds to me like drivers playing up.this is the most common cause of restarts.but check all the wiring is connected properly and the graphics card is firmly in the slot.

update all your drivers for the motherboard and graphics here

click start/control panel/system/advanced/performance/start up and recovery/settings or start/control panel/performance and maintenance/system/advanced/stsrt up and recovery/settings/ and untick the automatically restart box.

you will now get an error displayed instead of a restart.note it down as it will tell you what caused the crash hopefully.

also have a look in administrative tools/event viewer for errors.

ps.most manufacturers allow some scope for upgrading,check your warranty if you decide to return it.

  hugh-265156 08:52 10 Oct 2003

didnt read that very well sorry.if its restarting before the desktop tap f8 or f5 and select last known good configuration.or select safe mode and if you can get it to boot its probally software loading up with windows causing the problem.

when in safe mode click start/run and type msconfig and click ok.

click the start up tab and untick everything except your AV and firewall and restart the will receive a warning about changing how windows starts,ignore it and tick dont show again box

  JIM 10:38 10 Oct 2003

Reading your post and knowing you formatted and reinstalled which produced no problems till at a later date.

I get the impression that you are reinstalling a software program or updates/drivers that are causing grief.Personaly i would create a new restore point for every program installed before installation or any updates,whatever they may be.

Also slowly add/ install a program a day/hours at a time with or without updates and run each program for a while first,and if a problem occurs,falling back to systems restore.

It may also be poss.that when your hardrive fills up to a certain point and due to bad allocation areas/sectors may cause you a problem.

Though that may be a little unusual a test/check on drive would show any problems in that area.

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