Advice on planned upgrade

  Wicker10 20:46 01 Jan 2006

I am about to purchase the following parts to completely upgrade my PC. I would like some advice on the components I have chosen. I dont want to spend this money and find out I have made a selection mistake.

MB - Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe S939
Pro - AMD 64 4000+ 1M L2 cache (San Diego)
Ram - 2 x 1GB DDR2 533mhz C4
Case - DabsXtreme Aspire 500 W
HD - 2 x WD 160GB S300 8mb 7200rpm

P.S. Will all these components come with all the connections/cables/etc I will need to build the PC?

Thanks in advance.

  keith-236785 21:18 01 Jan 2006

the motherboard should include all the cables you need to connect the drives, if the hard drives are SATA then you might need to get some sata cables though they may also be packaged with the mobo.

ring the supplier and ask if the cables are provided, it will give you a chance to test the service phone setup. something that seems to let down a lot of online suppliers. as you are looking at spending around £700+ then they should fall over themselves to help you.

regarding the selection, im not sure about the memory, i seem to recall 533mhz memory being for Pentium systems but i could be wrong. check out the FSB of the proc, i think it will be 400mhz. as such you would need pc3200 memory. anyone corrects me on that i would accept it as im not sure.

if the S300 is for sata2 hard drives, please check if the mobo supports dual sata (or sata2)

good luck with your new build.

  Wicker10 22:37 01 Jan 2006

Upon further checking, Ive found that Corsiar have developed twin matched memory specifically for this mobo, sold!
Double checked and found the mobo is good for Serial ATA 3Gb/s, is this S300? I think ill phone the supplier after the holidays to confirm everthing.

Thanks for the advice.

  keith-236785 18:26 02 Jan 2006

sata 3Gb/s is the new sata2 standard m8 (i havent heard it referred to as S300, but then i know nowt as they say). sata comes in two speeds, 150 & 300 so the S300 must stand for "SATA 300" unless anyone knows different. I have a SATA hard drive and i cant tell any difference in speed between that and my ATA133mhz ide drive.

no harm in phoning to see what the helpline is like.

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