Advice on Photo Printers Please

  Bayleaf 15:13 11 May 2003

Could anyone recommend a Photo printer. I am currently looking at an Epson 830u or canon i850, the problem is the Epson has no single cartrigdes whereas the canon does,(keeping print costs down) but it has only 4 colours and I wonder if the lack of six colours will affect photo realism. I would appreciate any feedback.

  jon2 15:29 11 May 2003

I only use three colours on my HP, and used a Epson for about four years before that and refilled without any problem, which is the cheapest way to buy ink.

  anchor 15:45 11 May 2003

I found that skin tones were certainly better using the 5 colour, plus black cartridge, on my Epson.

  otubby1 16:09 11 May 2003

I've just invested £150+ on an Epson Stylus cx5200 for a couple of reasons. 1)It has 4 cartridges. 2)It is an all-in-one. 3)I very rarely use any other. I found that not only does it print incredibly well, but the scans and copies are almost as good.

  shifty 17:17 11 May 2003

Why a photo printer? I use a standard printer for printing all my photo images from camera and scanner and the quality is excellent. After comparing results from an image on a photo printer I cannot honestly say there was any difference. Having a Dad who is a semi professional photographer he would be the first to comment on the colour output, but he wont entertain a photo printer.

  Tenner 17:49 11 May 2003

I think you'll find the end result depends on both the printer/ink AND the paper used.


  Bayleaf 20:09 13 May 2003

Many thanks to all who posted advice.

  Filch 12:08 14 May 2003

Bayleaf, if it's of interest to you, Consumer Reports (USA) rated the Canon S520 as one of the best at printing fotos - even better than the 'photo printers' they tested. It's $99.99 list price in the US.

  Bayleaf 21:10 16 May 2003

Thanks very much for your Info Filch, but I cannot find the S520 on the canon u.k. web site only in U.S.A.

  Rubroy 22:03 16 May 2003


I recently bought an Epson Photo 925. It is excellent but I honestly believe the paper used is as important as anything. Only use anyone's best premium glossy photo paper. I use (expensive) Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper which I get a lot cheaper from <click here>. The printer itself has more facilities than I really need -I don't for example, see the need to print direct from a digital camera smart card. I suggest you follow Dad's advice !

  marjted 23:24 16 May 2003

Am 3 months into using the Epson 830U which I note is one of your posibilities. Changed to this from an HP950C because of the high cost of cartridges and also because of much support here for Epson compatibles. Am sure I made the correct decision having just ordered 6 colour cartridges for £27 total which was just about the price of a single colour compatible for the HP. Quality is excellent on various papers but the better papers produce the better results.

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