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Advice on PC Upgrade (Intel vs AMD).

  RidicheSalato 13:44 24 Aug 2019

Hi. I've been using my gaming PC for the past 7 years and I think it has come the time to upgrade it. Right now I have a core I5 3350p with 16gb DDR3 1600 and a Radeon 7850 2gb. I will want to upgrade sometime next month, or if the prices are too high I will wait a little bit more. My budget range is somewhere between 900-1050 US dollars (or in Romania, where I live, about 4000-4200 lei in my currency). In my country, the VAT Tax consists in 19% of the entire system cost :(. You can see the parts I can get at or I will be monstly using the PC for gaming, and I will stream my games, most of time to a Steam Link (IDK it affects cpu performance if I use gpu encoders). I do not need any peripherics, as I will not change them. The resolution I will be playing at is FullHD. The components that I will use from my previous build are the case (CM Storm Trooper with 6 fans) and the PSU (Corsair RMx 650 Gold, bought about 1 and half years ago).

And now the questions...: 1. I was thinking of upgrading to one of the folowing systems: A. Intel Core I5 9400f . Asus Z370A-II Prime or Asus Z390-P II . HyperX 16gb DDR 4 3200 CL. 16 . RTX 2060 Super 8gb, either from KFA 2 (Galax) Ex. OC model, Palit Jetstream or Msi Gaming X B. AMD r5 3600 or r7 2700 . MSI b450 Tomahawk or Asus b450-f Gaming . same memory . RTX 2060 6gb. either from Zotac or smth else that has good thermals and doesnt cost as much as an rtx 2070.

  1. Which system would you recommend? As I have several components failing on me due to high temperatures (my ambient room temp. can reach 30 degrees celsius during summer) I want to say that Im very interested in having a stable system and even though I know ryzen 3600 gives better performance and has 6 more threads, I do not want to cook bacon on it, if you know what I mean (plus the inconsistent voltages).

  2. Could you suggest some solid RTX 2060 and 2060 super cards that are good on cooling and stability, I have previously had a gtx 660 from gigabyte that died after windows installed and a gainward gtx 650 ti boost that started artifacting, 2 hours after install, in fricking Minecraft. Also I will be playing gaming at 60 fps max., and I was wondering if these gpu's that are having 0 rpm fans will not turn on and off continuously if the temperature hovers around 50 to 65 degrees.

Thanks in advance and I'm waiting for your answers and suggestions!

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