advice on pc for tv use only

  suem56 14:36 06 Dec 2008

I'm looking to buy another pc so I can use my snazzy new 50ins plasma HD TV to watch on-demand TV rather than view it on my pc monitor. Got a soundbar for the audio that I could connect the pc to. I plan to download it rather than watch it streamed so want a reasonable amount of storage - butI've no idea how much space would be 'plenty'. Also want a dvd writer so I can copy stuff from my SKY+ box onto DVD. But that's about all I want it for so don't need any peripherals (already got a wireless keyboard and mouse). Want it as slimline and unobtrusive as poss.
Any suggestions as to most sensible buy? Would I be just a well getting a second hand one off Ebay with around 40gb HD for buttons?

  kalstras 15:25 06 Dec 2008

sounds like you want it all. You should really be asking for help via your local PCWorld rather than here...

  ripvan 15:35 06 Dec 2008

Are you sure you can record on-demand stuff.A lot of it like BBCi player can't be recorded.A friend at work has just had SKY+ footed but the usb on it does not do anything.How do you plan on connecting it to the pc?

  suem56 15:52 06 Dec 2008

Kalstras - sorry if it sounds a tad OTT - I just hate watching I-player etc on my pc.I know i can use my TV as a monitor but I don't want to keep switching the pc between the 2. I could have gone to PC world but I was half expecting someone to say 'oh you don't need to do that - what you want is blah de blah.'
ripvan - I don't intend to copy the OD stuff onto DVD - just SKY+ recordings like films I might want to keep for a while - which according to the instruction book you legitimately can do - at least onto a DVD recorder so I'm assuming you can do likewise to a PC? maybe not.

I just see on-demand TV as the future and currently although things like SKY+ are great for recording, it doesn't give you the back catalogue of stuff you've missed. I can't use BT Vision cos I won't have a freeview signal for a couple of years where I live. It's not that spend all my time watching tv either (I know it must sound like it) - in fact quite the reverse - it's just when I do I want the freedom to watch the good stuff, not just what's on now or that i've remembered to record.

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