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  linguina 14:12 08 Feb 2003

I learnt a lot from your answer about IDE channels and RAID arrays (even on broader general topics) and I would like to tank you all for the help, time and feedback.
But at the moment I'm stucked between two type of configurations and I'd love to hear what you think is the best from you guys...
I'd like to be able to use the increased speed that RAID offers and I'm tempted to istall an OS on a strip array (and partiton it in a latter stage with partition magic) leaving IDE channel empty since I have only two HDDs or loose the RAID and have a HDD on IDE 1 and the second HDD on IDE 3 with an OS on each of them (both partitioned in a latter stage).
The thing is I know that the IDE 1 and 2 are ULTRA DMA 100 whereas IDE 3 and 4 are ULTRA DMA 133 with a faster transfer rate and I don't want to loose in performance when I can get a faster overall performance...
Any suggestions, folk?


  woodchip 14:25 08 Feb 2003

Put the Drive you use for your main windows OS on the 133 IDE set to master, your slave Hard Drive on the same Chanel set to slave, put DVD as Master on the 100 IDE,CDRW as slave on the IDE 100

  linguina 14:43 08 Feb 2003

Thank you for replying. I like that config. but allow me to ask: why putting the second HDD as a slave when I can leave it in the IDE 4 (133) as a master?
Will setting it as a slave give me a better or more reliable performance?

  linguina 15:28 08 Feb 2003

Any other suggestions, please?

  jazzypop 15:29 08 Feb 2003

ATA100 vs ATA133 using RAID 0 - click here

  Rayuk 17:45 08 Feb 2003

Instal hard drives on Ides 3 & 4 as masters
and dvd as master on primary and cdrw as master on secondary.

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