Advice with Partition Magic Please!

  STEVE71163 21:08 17 Apr 2003

I have gone out today and bought Partition Magic 8 and wanted some advice on how to split up my 80 gb hdd to get the best benefit should i ever need to re format my hard drive. I was thinking of splitting it up into 4 parts. Current c drive to have windows xp on it then another for other software and then one for data and another for back up. Any suggestions would be welcome!

  leo49 21:32 17 Apr 2003

The only benefit from having software programs on a separate drive to Windows is one of size as most programs make registry entries so would have to be reinstalled following a format/reinstall of Windows anyway.

My personal approach is to use partitions so as to organise my 2 80gb HDD's. On HDD1,I've 3 OS's partitions,Temp partition,Download partition,Music conversion partition,Personal Docs partition, and MP3Albums partition.

On HDD2,3 OS's partitions,Backup of Personal Docs,MP3 singles,Movies,Graphics,copies of installed programs, and partition for Drive Images.

Probably a bit extreme but it suits me.


  STEVE71163 21:42 17 Apr 2003

Thanks Leo49. Thanks for pointing out that about the software partition i wont bother with that one. Do you think it would be better just to have one partition with windows xp and my software and then the rest for data so at least if i get a crash i should still have my data intact and maybe another partition for my accounts which are vital to my business?

  leo49 22:21 17 Apr 2003

I would have XP + progs on one partition - in the past with 9x OS's I have occasionally kept progs on a separate partition but purely to reduce the partitions sizes so as to be able to burn Drive images onto 1 CDR. However XP is so big on its own there's no point.

Definitely have your data and business accounts on separate partitions to prevent data loss[you can point XP to the correct location for 'My Docs']and as a failsafe burn backups of 'vital'stuff to CDR[in extreme case of HDD failure].

You'll find as you get used to using PM,it's simple to add or eliminate partitions as needs arise.With the ever increasing capacity of HDD's,bear in mind that minimum cluster sizes[and hence potential wasted space]increase in proportion to partition size.

Regards and good luck - any problems[there shouldn't be,it's an easy program to get into] post back.

  Lone Crow 22:46 17 Apr 2003

I have split my drive into five partitions. I have Windows on two bootable partitions with BootMagic to choose between them = drive C. One is essentially a backup of the other, which means that if one goes pear-shaped mid-flow I can reboot into the other and keep working. I can also experiment on one without risk of corrupting the other. I load most programs into a separate partition, drive D, (a few will only run successfully from drive C so are loaded there), but as the Windows partitions are clones they can both access them. Then I have drive E for everyday data and drive F for video and graphics. It works well for me and, with luck, it will be a long time before I ever have to reload Windows from scratch, by which time I will probably want to reload the progs I still use anyway in order to ditch all the garbage left by redundant progs from the past. LC.

  Lone Crow 22:50 17 Apr 2003

By the way, DO make the Emergency Back-up disks that PartitionMagic (and BootMagic if you use it) offer, preferably TWO copies, kept separately. There are times when only the boot disk will enable an operation or a recovery and if you haven't got them you're sunk! LC.

  STEVE71163 19:37 18 Apr 2003

Thanks for the replys. In the partition magic manual it says to run chkdsk/f before running pm. What is chkdsk/f ?

  powerless 19:40 18 Apr 2003

Check disc aka Scandisc.

/f = full (i think)

  STEVE71163 19:46 18 Apr 2003

Thanks Powerless. I thought it was that or defrag. I wish they would put things in english!

  Installer. 19:47 18 Apr 2003

Chkdsk is xp,s equivalent of scandisk if you don't add the /f switch it will run in read only mode, and not actually fix anything.

N.B put a space in the command thus chkdsk /f.

  STEVE71163 19:51 18 Apr 2003

Thanks Installer. So how do you do this?

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