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  VNAM75 22:09 09 Feb 2009

I have a 60 slide powerpoint file which I want to put on a new website. Its too big to email at 12mb. The file contains text annotations of images (jpeg)of screenshots (excel workings), and has 3 sections/chapters.
What is the quickest way to transfer them over to a new website? I need each slide to be put on one webpage. My intital thoughts are:

- Save the whole file as an htm/html file and export it over. This is unlikely to work. I've tried saving just one slide as a webpage and it doesn't open in firefox.

- Import the images of each slide into separate webpages. Could I import the text as well?

- Take a screen capture of each slide (which has multiple screenshots) and save as an image, then import into the webpage That way I only have to deal with one image per webpage rather than importing several images, positioning them, annotating them etc. I'm tempted by this option but will it work? The main drawback is I can't edit it. Suppose I could recreate/add more images in powerpoint and take a fresh screenshot!

Page/site structure

On each page I need navigation buttons to go to the next page, the previous page, the home page and the start of the section page/subhome page? eg. go back to the start of the chapter not the home contents page. What do I use and where do I position them?

I don't need anything else on the website. I'm using netobjects. Will I be able to host this site for free considering the size of the powerpoint file I'm basing it on (12mb)? Can I use my own isp (virgin) or a free web host?

  Kemistri 22:23 09 Feb 2009

Aside from the fact that you could Zip it up to make it (probably) small enough to e-mail, here's my preferred solution to your problem of the website build: click here

That is not only the best content management framework around, but also one of the easiest and most flexible. It would really ease your problem of creating lots of pages for images.

Incidentally, it is possible to convert a Powerpoint slideshow into a Flash app, in case that interests you.

The finer points of site structure and nav is open to interpretation, varies by project, etc. etc. Kind of like "how long is a piece of string?" With more time to spare, I could give that my full attention, but my head's mostly filled with jQuery development tonight!

Free hosting... that's tricky because it is so restrictive, understandably. Time to check the small print and do the sums.

  VNAM75 18:16 10 Feb 2009

Kemistri, thanks. I've decided to create a basic site structure in netobjects and it works fine for what I need. Your link looks interesting, not what I need, but may be useful in future.

Whats jquery? Sounds complicated! Are you a web developer?

  Kemistri 18:25 10 Feb 2009

jQuery is a JavaScript library - the best of them all, I think. And yes, I'm a pro.

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