Advice on new graphics card

  hssutton 00:04 31 Mar 2006

For some time now I've been using a ATI Radion 8500 graphics card on my XP-Pro M/C, Athlon XP 2400 CPU on an MSI K7 N2 motherboard with 8x AGP port + 2 Gb ram with a 19" TFT monitor.

I use my PC mainly for running Photoshop CS2 to edit large photo files of 30Mb upwards.

Today I installed a 20" widescreen monitor with increased resolution, all is ok apart from some programs showing a marked decline in speed, although photoshop does not seem to be affected, and to be quite honest I did not notice a problem, but my wife who likes to play cards complained about the slowness of the PC.

All I can assume is that it must be down to the graphics card. However I'm open to suggestions.

So the question could you suggest a suitable inexpensive card. I think the 8500 as 64Mb of onboard ram.

Many thanks


  rmcqua 08:25 31 Mar 2006 inexpensive. What's your top limit?

  keef66 09:43 31 Mar 2006

what kind of resolution are you talking about? I find it hard to believe that increasing the resolution would slow down an undemanding application like a card game.
Maybe something needs tweaking in the graphics card's settings, or perhaps updating the drivers might help it deal with a greater resolution?

  gudgulf 10:35 31 Mar 2006

It may be that your graphics drivers don't support the native resolution of the new screen.If so you might not be getting full hardware acceleration which could explain the slowdown.

Go to Start>Run and type dxdiag and click ok......go to the Display tab in the box that opens up and make sure that DirectDraw Acceleration,Direct3D Acceleration and AGP Texture Acceleration are all showing as enabled.

If any aren't then you will need to update your graphics card drivers.It might be worth updating the motherboard chipset drivers too.

  hssutton 13:01 31 Mar 2006

Thanks for the replies

Inexpensive £100 max

Reso;ution 1600 X 1200.

Have checked DirectDraw Acceleration,Direct3D Acceleration and AGP Texture Acceleration all showing as enabled.

Will check later this afternoon regarding graphic card drivers.

  martjc 13:13 31 Mar 2006

...If you do a disk cleanup and get rid of some startup progs which don't NEED to start up with the machine, your wife may well find the speed returns. Also, make sure you have a good Anti-virus and spyware solution. This will make a difference.

  ACOLYTE 13:41 31 Mar 2006

When you up to resolution and refresh you will see a slight speed reduction as the monitor/card match each other,usually its not noticable unless you have intense graffix on screen.It may be your card hasnt got enough Ram onboard to supply the monitor quick enough.You could try keeping the resolution and lowering the refresh rate and see if that helps,but 64Mb is a low amount for high resolutions and refresh.

  hssutton 22:51 31 Mar 2006

Many thanks, as this problem is only affecting games, which I do not use, I think I will wait a little while and buy a good card with plenty of memory.

Photoshop is working ok so it's not major.

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