Advice needed.."Signal Frequency is out of range"

  rolland 20:24 13 Mar 2006

Hi there...I need some clever advice! I'm using a 3+ yr old Mesh 1900Xp standard home PC desktop and all was fine until the weekend when on starting up the machine the screen just comes up with a red error message "Signal frequency is out of range FHxx FVxx Please change signal timing" (The XX numbers keep changing on trying to start the machine) ...and the system doesn't boot up. I haven't changed any settings and can't even get into the machine to change any settings! Just now I started it after not using it for a day and it came up with the old boot into safe mode message (which I tried to do!) but in the middle of the boot up the screen died on me again...first went fuzzy then white flashing then died..I believe the monitor is ok (other words re monitor brightness etc all work ok) but maybe a graphics card or something else in the desktop is on its way out...any thoughts of help/advice from anyone?? Have tried MESH tech support but no replies from anyone there in over 24hrs!! All the best

  woodchip 20:31 13 Mar 2006

You will get the message from the monitor if it starts to reboot, try keep pressing F8 as computer starts and choose safe mode then run System Restore to a earlier date

  Thatslife 20:39 13 Mar 2006

Not sure if its the same thing but I had a similar problem when the monitor was changed in work.

They chaged a 19" TFT for a 15" CRT and it would not show anything when turned on other than the message you posted.

I beleive it was stared in safe mode and the resolution changed to something like 800 x 600 and it worked fine.

  rolland 20:49 13 Mar 2006

thanks for the posts so far...the monitor is the same as always..good quality 19" CRT...getting oldish but still fine....regards F8 on boot up...still doesnt seem to change anything..? Still just get the message but the XX numbers change?? could a virus do this kind of thing?? It happened first last Wednesday once on boot up but I just switched it off and started again and it was though every time i try to boot up the machine doesnt work!!! arggh!!

  rolland 07:48 16 Mar 2006

help! anyone have anything to add to this...its still coming up with the same error message on the monitor...or anyone suggest where to go to get it fixed? many many thanks

  remind 07:57 16 Mar 2006

do the numbers change when you boot in safe mode? it should revert to 640x480 or 800x600(xp) at 60hz which any monitor should cope with. possible faulty monitor or graphics card/hardware
can you try another monitor?

  bythor 07:57 16 Mar 2006

The FHxx and FVxx are horizontal frequency and vertical frequency. Either the monitor or the graphics card will be unhappy about the signal. Since you can read the message on the monitor this may suggest it's the card side of the system that's playing up. Before spending any money on a new one it may be prudent if you had access to another pc, just to confirm by swapping monitors between pcs.
If it does turn out to be the graphics card, (as it does seem), I don't knwo Mesh pcs so maybe someone here can help, or do a google on the model name.

  rolland 22:43 16 Mar 2006

thanks for the last two posts...I think this feels warmer re graphics card maybe being a problem...the monitor seems fine in itself as it is showing all the error messages very clearly?? How do I find if it is, or what to do with, the graphics card..? At the weekend I shall also try with another monitor to test each part....

  Hertz Van Rentyl 00:11 17 Mar 2006

If you boot into safe mode it will by pass your graphics card and use the windows XP adapter if this displays even though it will look pretty awful it should show if the monitor is working.

  rolland 10:22 18 Mar 2006

hi there...i cant seem to even get into safe mode....? The screen just comes up with the error message.... im pressing F8 to try to get in...please advise if this is right??!
many thanks

  Hertz Van Rentyl 10:50 18 Mar 2006

Is the post data showing up on the screen. If it is you need to start tapping F8 before Windows loads and gives the error message. Always a bit tricky getting the timing right.

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