Advice needed on web site purchase...

  Adrian The Naive 14:57 10 Oct 2003

As a relative newcomer to the pc and the internet etc., I would like any advice available from the obviously knowledgable members here at PC Advisor. I recently finished my job due to illness and find myself confined to the great indoors and as a result find myself looking into the possibility of purchasing an already proffesionally designed and constucted website to keep my mind active. I seek advice on initial launching of the site ie law compliance etc. Also whether or not all this is possible from my home pc (a new Sony Vaio Laptop that I'm rather pleased with). I am sincerely grateful for any advice or warnings,

  MichelleC 15:14 10 Oct 2003

I'd advise you to plunge right in and learn website design yourself. You'll get all the help you need from the aces here and net. I started a year ago using Frontpage 2000 as a hobby and can do quite a good site now. You can dip your toe in the water to start with Lycos or similar hosts who give you website design tools and free hosting. It'll give you some frustrations sometimes, but overall will give you great satisfaction, plus keeping you out of mischief. It did with me.

  Forum Editor 17:06 10 Oct 2003

will set you back a fair amount (I know, because I design sites for a living amongst other things), and as MichelleC says, you can do it yourself, with a bit of help from us. You can certainly design, publish, and maintain a site using your laptop at home. All you need is an Internet connection - which you obviously have - and some server space.

I suggest that you buy some software - Microsoft FrontPage, or NetObjects fusion are both excellent - and begin to play around with the features. Both applications have site templates, so you can get something on the web relatively quickly, once you have got to grips with the basics.

You didn't say what this site will be used for - is it something that will be purely for your own entertainment, or will it have any commercial purpose? The type of server space you need will depend on the answer to that question. If you plan to have any kind of commercial content on the site you'll want your own domain name, and it will be better hosted with a professional hosting company. On the other hand, if the site is simply going to be a bit of fun you could use the free webspace that's provided by your ISP.

Post back to this thread as and when you have specific questions, and one of us will try to provide the answers.

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