Advice needed re old Toshiba laptop

  alpeshxp 09:21 09 Feb 2005

I have a rather old but trusty laptop Toshiba Portege 7020CT Pentuim 2 366 mhz with 128mb ram and 8gb hard disk

It runs XP fine and is ok for surfing the net albeit a bit slow, at present only have 2gb of the hd spare since most software incl XP is very resource hungry

My question is how easy is it to upgrade hard disk to larger size pref 20gb and is there any way of upgrading performance from 366mhz to higher speed

Is it possible to upgrade on diy basis or are laptops more trickier to work on than pcs

Im prepared to spend upto £150 since cant really justify buying new laptop

Any suggestions would be appreciated

  cyberphobic 09:33 09 Feb 2005

Processors are almost impossible to upgrade on laptops as they are soldered directly onto the motherboard. Hard disk drives are not too difficult though, depending on the model. I am not familiar with Tosh laptops but have successfully upgraded HDDs on Compaq laptops. Look for a port which can be unscrewed on the base or side, which (if you're lucky should reveal the HDD. 20,30, or 40GB laptop HDDs are available either on eBay or from somewhere like ebuyer, should cost £30 to £40. You will need 2.5 inch I would guess. I would also suggest you upgrade your memory if you can, 128Mb is the bare minimum for XP. Good Luck!

  Jeffers22 10:15 09 Feb 2005

Further to the above, laptop motherboards tend to be manufactured specifically to fit in an individual case and therefore you are highly unlikely to be able to replace it in order to achieve a processor upgrade. This is the biggest disadvantage of laptops in my view.

  cyberphobic 22:49 09 Feb 2005

If you go hereclick here there is a lot of info about what is possible with your laptop - the memory can be upgraded to 192MB (unscrew hatch on base) and the Hard Disk Drive is "user removable" - over to you!

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